Managua to Little Corn Island

Published: April 21st 2011
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My broken finger still hurts. I broke it in Guatemala around the 1st of February. Almost 2 months ago. Shesh. At least it doesn't hurt to brush my hair anymore but it's still sensitive. Little taps on things in just the right way & I get shooting pains. And it looks really funny. I have this huge knob off the side of my finger now. I guess my dreams of hand modeling are shattered.

In our taxi to the airport at 5:15 am. Super excited. On our way to the airport we saw a skyscraper with a huge lit figure representing General Sandino on the side of the building. Pretty cool looking. At the airport, our luggage was overweight by 12 pounds. Not surprising when you're carrying Gary around. They only charged us $.50 a pound so nothing too crazy. We had Subway breakfast sandwiches. They were good! Our flight was perfect. We flew on a small prop plane, like a Horizon plane. Flying over this region of Nicaragua we saw nothing. It's farmland for awhile & then just plains & plains of nothing. It is such an arid country & pretty flat for the most part. But then we started flying over the Carribean Sea again. Oh how I love the blue blue water! There is just nothing like it in my opinion. We landed on Big Corn Island & took a taxi to the ferry terminal, which is really just a little dock on the side of the road. I love being back on Islands. The Creole language is just too much fun. Here the locals speak Spanish, English & Creole all mixed together. It is a trip to listen to. They'll mix all 3 languages into one sentence which makes it even tougher to understand them but it sounds so tropical. We can also tell we're back in the Carribean because within about 3 minutes of landing Geoff was already offered weed. That hasn't happened much in this country, only a few times in Granada which is Gringovilled & there is always weed available in super touristy areas. Interesting really.

Our panga (boat) didn't leave for another hour so we walked around town a bit. Soon we were too hot to walk so we went & sat in the shade by the dock. Super fun to just sit & listen to all the conversations and all the different languages. Finally it was time to go. We all got on the boat, snuggled up close together, put on our lifejackets, and off we went. The panga is no more than a little fishing boat with rows of seats. Somehow they manage to fit a good thirty people in one. The boat ride took about one hour & wasn't too bad today, thankfully the seas were relatively calm. We didn't even get wet.

We arrive on Little Corn's dock & are greeted by James from Casa Iguana. They load up our backpacks into a makeshift wheelbarrow & off we go. Along the way we met Simon from Dive Little Corn, who remembered our names since we'd been in touch via email about diving. This island is fantastic!!! The only way to get around is to walk or ride bikes. The trail to Casa Iguana is partially sand, partially dirt, and partially stone (the newest part of the trail that is just now being added to make transporting everyones luggage a little easier). The West side of the Island has most of the restaurants & hotels. It is very very small here. We are already in love. We
The panga to Little Corn.The panga to Little Corn.The panga to Little Corn.

We're getting closer!
are staying on the Southeast side of the Island where only Casa Iguana sits. Our little cabana at Casa Iguana has a bed with a mosquito net & a table & a deck with two hammocks overlooking the ocean. What more do we need?? I could stay here forever.

After dumping our bags off in our room we changed into Island wear, aka swim suits & shorts, & headed out to check out Little Corn. We walked along the beach on the East side of the Island until we ran out of beach, then we headed inland & met up with the walking trail to the North end of the Island. The walking trail is literally tiny & just like a single track hiking trail. It leads you through some areas of thick vegetation & lots & lots of palm trees. On the north end of the island is Derek's Place, where we want to stay later this week, & it is like a little piece of Heaven. We continued along the north beach & ended up at Ensueno's where Peter told us we absolutely had to have dinner one night. So we talked with Chef Andrea' & made a date for Friday night.

We headed back on a second inland trail toward town. This trail took us by the Island's baseball field. Baseball is hugely popular in Nicaragua & apparently some teams are coming to play here on the 7th & the whole Island is super stoked & we'll get to be there to see it. Woohoo! We continued on until we got into town which took about 35 minutes from Ensueno's. By this time it was already early evening somehow...We stopped by the dive shop, Dive Little Corn, to find out our plan for tomorrow morning & then headed out to find some food. We ate at Comedor Cool Spot & ordered a whole fried fish. It was good. Food prices are definitely more expensive here, understandably since they are nowhere near the mainland & everything has to be brought in by plane to Big Corn & then boat to Little Corn. But I think we'll be sharing a lot of meals while here. Our fish was $6. We've grown accustomed to $2-3 plates of food. Worth every penny to be here though.

Back at Casa Iguana we went out for a swim in the ocean staying in the patches of sunny areas. We had to make special swim routes to navigate our way around the sea grass because it's gross & I don't like to step in it. Plus, who knows what creatures are hiding in it! You'd think I'd be less of a wimp about stuff like this after diving so much, but I think it makes me even more nervous because I've seen what hides in sea grass & I don't want to step on any of it. 😊
Back at our room we made some Flor de Cana rum & California juice (love the CA juice!! Pineapple juice with coconut milk, perfect!) & sat on the deck & enjoyed the rest of the sunlight. The perfect end to our first day here. We just chatted & typed & read & sat on the deck & watched the stars come out. Perfect!!!

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My Parrot friend. My Parrot friend.
My Parrot friend.

He liked to say Hola! & Whistle. I really liked him.
Time for a beverage!Time for a beverage!
Time for a beverage!

Will you be having rum tonight Geoff? All signs point to yes.
Our cute little cabana.Our cute little cabana.
Our cute little cabana.

Not a lot to see, but everything we needed.

21st April 2011

Hello Goofs
So... I must tell you that I am your current biggest fan. We are coming to Nicaragua in June for about 3 weeks, loosely planning on going to a lot of the same spots you guys have been/are at. I am logging into this site every day to read, and loving your info. So - keep up the great work :) Just in case you think no random person is reading, we are..... Cant tell if you guys are traveling around all C.A. but I traveled for 3 months this last summer between Panama and Guatemala (Some C.R. and Honduras) and would be happy to give any info on any place you hadn't been if you are making your way up or down - Sounds like we have very similar tastes/speed! Either way - thanks for writing all this great stuff - Megan

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