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Close to Granada is La Laguna de Apoyo. As my brother Timothy called it, it´s kind of like a water crater. It´s a gorgeous freshwater lake surrounded by green mountains. One day I went to a small town called Caranita where they have El Mirador - an area with benches and restaurants overlooking la laguna. The next day, I met a CSer from Masaya (town nearby Granada) and we went down into la laguna for a couple hours of swimming and relaxation. Absolutely gorgeousssss place!... read more
CSer Nelson

Hello everyone, I have now taken two spanish classes at the Mariposa (the butterfly) and have homework over the weekend, but no new classes until Monday. The grammar is review but the conversation, history and local current events are new. I am going to try to post some of the pictures I have taken of the school and its grounds and of the family I am staying with 5 minutes´ walk away. Things are really nice here and there was a nice rain last night which was great to hear on a tin roof. I have met quite a few other adventure travelers and may hook up with some next week and visit a different area. Tomorrow and Sunday are no classes, but there will be an outing to the beach on the Pacific. The beach ... read more
My Family
La Mariposa
La Familia

Hey! I have made it to my destination with no problems and I traveled by bus very cheaply. I am now staying with a family close to the lodge and will start classes tomorrow. My digs are very humble and I plan to get some pictures tomorrow and I hope that I can send them to everyone. I am kind of overwhelmed because I have met so many people in such a short time. My family has 3 kids and a grandkid and I am working to get the names straight. I showered outside by splashing water on myself behind a plastic shield in the middle of the family compound. I have been offered to use the shower at the lodge and I may use it, not because it was cold but because there was no ... read more

Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception - celebrating the Virgin Mary's birth without sin. It is a HUGE holiday in Nicaragua and it's been really great experiencing it here with a family (I am staying with my friend Ashley's host family). For the 9 days before the 7th, people partake in a novena (daily prayer) to the Virgin Mary. The 7th is called La Griteria (gritar is to shout or scream or cry out). Everyone goes out with their family and it's sort of like trick-or-treating. We began the night around 5 by going to a neighbor's house to pray and sing songs. During this, the hosts give out candy, fruits, plastic buckets, household items, jewelry, toys to the kids. After that, around 6:30, we began walking around to other houses. A few families ... read more
Altar for Mary

Hi everyone, I am starting my blog from home and will be leaving early Wednesday morning for Managua, Nicaragua. I plan to do some service work there. I am not exactly in what capacity I will work but it is possible that I will be doing some public health education, teaching English, teaching science or working with the animals in the refuge that is part of the EcoLodge I am visiting. If you are interested in the place I am going and the people I will be working with you can check out their website and blog to get a feel for the place. I hope to stay with a local family so that I can be immersed in Spanish. In the past I have found that in most lodges and hostels that everyone speaks English ... read more

So it feels like ages since I have written… and in fact it has been months. I have received many messages from you all wondering if perhaps you were doing something wrong because you have not been able to get blog updates… well rest assured it is me not you. I have been in Nicaragua for almost 4 months now. It is very crazy to think so many months have passed by and yet in many ways I still feel like I am adjusting to our new lives here in Nicaragua. There have been numerous changes since September though. For one I have more or less a set job…although it is in no way defined or consistent. As I had originally hoped, I joined the Rural team here with Cantera in the beginning of October and ... read more
Aparato A
La competencia

The project I have worked most closely with is ¨huertos familiares¨ or Family Vegetable Gardens. This project involves traveling to the rural communities outside of Managua and working with the families to grow their own fruits and vegetables. While each community is different, many of the families grow their own beans and corn (two of the staple Nica foods along with rice). Some families have 1 or 2 members who work outside of the community in various jobs, and some have members who travel to Managua to work. That being said, after the bills are paid and basic foods bought, these families have little money left over. Their diets therefore consist largely of beans, corn, and rice… and little vegetables. Vegetables are expensive and can mean travelling outside the community to buy them. With our vegetable ... read more
Planting with caution.
Doña Fidelia digs her first raised bed!
Dominga proudly shows off her harvest!

Am in Managua on my laptop at the super nice Best Western hotel directly across from the airport. We are at the All Volunteer Conference, which means all 200 or whatever volunteers in Peace Corps Nicaragua are together with nearly all of the staff. We've been in conferences all afternoon and will be all day tomorrow, and then several of us have signed up for Thanksgiving dinner with US Embassy host families. Am loving hot showers and rich food and air conditioning. Overwhelming to be with so many people; we tend to self segregate into our Agriculture group or, for me, also hanging with other volunteers that live in my department of Madriz. Photo blogs coming next... ... read more

If you were to get into your car right now, and start driving south, you would eventually hit the Mexican border. And if you were to keep going, and keep going some more, and then some more, you would eventually end up on the Panamerican Highway, passing through Guatemala, Honduras, and then Nicaragua. And then about an hour north of Managua, you would notice some brightly colored birds on the side of the road, and you might be shocked that such an exotic flock of pajaros is concentrated in one spot, on the side of the highway, of all places! But if you were to slow down, you would notice that all those birds are made of wood, carved by machete, and if you were to stop and take an ever closer look, you would be ... read more
my friend Harold
hanging out

Yay! In Managua with Lenin! Went to the embassy this morning and his tourist visa was approved! Next step, get tickets and get home for Christmas! EEE!!! ... read more

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