Masaya and Managua, Nicaragua

Published: January 29th 2010
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Dirty HandsDirty HandsDirty Hands

Making Ceramics, San Juan de Oriente
Decided to include Masaya and Managua in one blog. We did 2 side trips to Masaya and spent our final night in the capital of Managua.

From Granada, we did our first trip to Masaya on Thursday night as on this night every week they have music, dancing, folklore and food in the Masaya central market. We hired a taxi driver from the hotel to take us there. He was very nice and I had a lot of fun with him. First, we listened to a Nicaraguan rock group. During this show, daddy bought me a cool puppet (I have liked puppets since daddy bought me the water puppets in Vietnam). I had so much fun with it, that I got up in front of the stage while the rock band played and put on a little show. I also played with the clown when he came by with his puppet. After the rock band, there were a lot of great dancing....sometime adults and sometimes kids. I got to take my picture with them before the went on stage. It was a beautiful night and I had so much fun.



Another day we
So Much FunSo Much FunSo Much Fun

Making Ceramics, San Juan de Oriente
took the same taxi driver for a fairly full day into Masaya and the towns around it (Los Pueblos Blancos). It was such an incredible day. We started with one of my favorite parts of the whole trip (besides seeing turtles laying eggs at night in San Juan del Sur).......Making ceramics in San Juan de Oriente. THis was the place that was famous for this, and the hotel arranged for us to visit a small family and learn how to make it. It was awesome!!!! I had so much fun making pots...I spent about 30 minutes getting my hands dirty and making pots and messing them up as well. The woman helping with was so nice. We bought a lot of ceramics from her and her family to take home.

Next stop was catch a view of the beutiful lagoon called Laguna de Apoyo. It was an incredible site, and I had fun playing with my ceramic butterfly that I bought in San Juan de Oriente. I had so much fun with it that it broke. However, the taxi driver was so nice that he bought me another one.

The next stop was back to Masaya where
Beuatiful DancersBeuatiful DancersBeuatiful Dancers

Masaya Thursday Night
we had seen the dancing/concert the night before, but this time was to shop. Daddy bought me a doll to add to my foreign collection, as well as some other stuff. We had some good food and daddy tried Baho which he liked, but I was happy with my hot dog.



Final stop on the little tour was Masaya Volcano.....We first stopped at a little museum and learned a little about volcanoes and then it was off to the rim....It was incredible to look inside at the top and see and smell all the smoke. I tried to see lava, but I couldn't. I am sure Lava Girl was in there somehwere. We then hiked up a bunch of steps to get an even better view. It was incredible.

The last night on our trip we staye in Managua at relatives of my good friend Luna. Her mom, Carmen, contacted her aunt Janet and Uncle Luis, who let us stay with them. They were very nice. Luna's great-great grandma also lives with them...She is 97 years old and had 15 children. Lunas grandfather also came and visited us as well as some
Old WomanOld WomanOld Woman

other relatives. We had a great lunch and a tour around the city. Daddy also got a "lesson" about Flor de Cana from Luis. We look forward to seeing them when they come to Miami.



From turtles and monkeys, kayaking and volcanoes, to ceramics and pinatas, seeing old friends (Dennis) and making many more, we had a great time in Nicaragua. I look forward to our big trip this summer.......South Africa World Cup 2010 (with a stop in Greece and Egypt)......

Additional photos below
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Me and the DancersMe and the Dancers
Me and the Dancers

Masaya "Jueves de Verbena"
Volcano MasayVolcano Masay
Volcano Masay

A crater within a crater
I loved getting my hands dirtyI loved getting my hands dirty
I loved getting my hands dirty

Ceramics, San Juan de Oriente
One of my favorite experiencesOne of my favorite experiences
One of my favorite experiences

Making Ceramics, San Juan de Oriente
Making a BowlMaking a Bowl
Making a Bowl

San Juan de Oriente
Me and DaddyMe and Daddy
Me and Daddy

Watching the weekly Thursday night show
Forget the BandForget the Band
Forget the Band

I am going to put on a show

San Juan de Oriente

Daddy Loved It
All SmilesAll Smiles
All Smiles

San Juan de Oriente
Loving It!Loving It!
Loving It!

Making Ceramics, San Juan de Oriente

31st January 2010

San Juan del Sur
Dear Sofia, I am glad that you had a good time in San Juan del Sur, this is the sister City of my german Hometown called Giessen. We started this relation with San Juan del Sur in 1986 during a very difficult time (daddy can tell you). We did the same like you and supported shools and the Centro de Salud in San Juan del Sur. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I enjoy reading it. walter
5th February 2010

nicaraguan trip with our family
WE are looking for a nice, clean, very clean I mean, place to stay for a week in Granada. We want something very special that will make our 10-year-olds jaw drop with excitment. Mid to upper price if fine. We are traveling a short time, so want to make it an experience. Also, would like a driver reccomendation for the day trips to Masaya and such. Thanks so much!!
5th February 2010

I recommend the place we stayed in....Hotel con Corazon
14th February 2010

Good Blog
I wanted to say i really liked reading your blog, i stumbled over it while doing research for my own trip through Europe. Make the best of it! Best regards/Gode √łnsker from winter cold Norway! /Sindre
1st March 2010

I was doing ceramics when I was little... It's so good to see your pictures and videos. Have fun guys and enjoy!!! Looking forward for your next blog. Cheers, ma'ri
10th May 2011

I got so excited to hear you had a friend named Luna as that is my daughter's name! Also I love your laugh, it's lovely and I am sure mummy will love the soup bowl however it turned out!! You look like you were having so much fun! And it looks like daddy is getting the hang of filming you!

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