Chris & Ale´s wedding

Published: February 27th 2007
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Laguna de ApoyoLaguna de ApoyoLaguna de Apoyo

Juan took us sailing on this boat- great captain!
Arrived in Granada, Nicaragua for the wedding after a long, but surprisingly comfortable bus trip over 2 days. I met a nice traveler from New York at the Guatemala City TICA bus station and adopted him as my travel buddy and Valentines Day dinner date for our overnight stay in San Salvador.

Granada is as hot as I expected- with the low temp here being the same as the high temp in Guatemala (96F high and 72F lows in Nicaragua)! As I stumbled around the main square searching for a place to eat, I really wished I had left some of those books and long sleeve clothes back in Antigua! My pack was heavy. I was searching for Villa Nadia "across from the church", but unfortunately for me, I had neglected to write down which church her house was near... and as with all other cities in central america, there seems to be an endless supply of churches here!

I finally made it to Villa Nadia the big blue house across from La Iglesia Merced- tough to miss, really. But as I rang the bell and made my way inside, I thought I must be in the wrong house.
Laguna de Apoyo 2Laguna de Apoyo 2Laguna de Apoyo 2

Lisa & Saskia
Saskia had failed to mention that her mother lives in a huge, old Spanish style home decked out in amazing art, high ceilings, and a gorgeous lush courtyard leading out to a pool in the back! An oasis in the middle of Granada.

Over the next few days, I met Saskia´s and Ale´s entire family from both Nicaragua and the states. What a great group of people- we had great fun at the bachlor/bachelorrette party, the dinner at Villa Nadia Friday night, and finally at the wedding which was held at Laguana de Apoyo at the Norome resort. I was lucky enough to stay with Saskia and her family at the resort for two nights leading up to the wedding- what a nice place to relax, and for swimming and boating in the Laguna.

The ceremony and celebration afterwards were beautiful- the pictures say it all.

Additional photos below
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Laguna de Apoyo 4Laguna de Apoyo 4
Laguna de Apoyo 4

Room at Norome
Rehearsal dinnerRehearsal dinner
Rehearsal dinner

Lisa & Saskia at Villa Nadia (her Mom´s house)
Rehearsal dinner 2Rehearsal dinner 2
Rehearsal dinner 2

Juan & Nadia (Saskia and Ale´s older sister)
Rehearsal dinner 3Rehearsal dinner 3
Rehearsal dinner 3

Lisa & Sancha
Norome ResortNorome Resort
Norome Resort

Villas that we stayed in at the resort on Laguna de Apoyo- a crater lake (Volcano!)
Norome Resort 2Norome Resort 2
Norome Resort 2

Upper pool overlooking lake
Laguna de Apoyo 3Laguna de Apoyo 3
Laguna de Apoyo 3

Saskia & Velesca- Saskia´s younger sister
Wedding 5Wedding 5
Wedding 5

Traditional Nicaraguan folk dancing
Wedding 6Wedding 6
Wedding 6

Traditional Nicaraguan folk dancing
Wedding 7Wedding 7
Wedding 7

Traditional Nicaraguan folk dancing
Wedding 8Wedding 8
Wedding 8

Brian, Ale, Barry
Wedding 9Wedding 9
Wedding 9

Saskia & Chris
Wedding 10Wedding 10
Wedding 10

Nadia & Juan
Wedding 12Wedding 12
Wedding 12

Chris & Ale
Wedding 13Wedding 13
Wedding 13

Lisa & Saskia
Wedding 14Wedding 14
Wedding 14

Eduardo & Edgar (Saskia and Ale´s cousins)

28th February 2007

I Miss You!
Just want to tell ya that I loved every minute I spent with. Thanks for being my date ;-) It'd been a while since we spent so much time together ( days) but, we definitely have so many new memories that will keep us laughing 'til our old age. Hope Nicaragua treats you well these next few weeks. I miss you and love you lots. -Saskia

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