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Sunday was raining so we spent all afternoon on the boat in Saint Pierre after going back to the Alsacian restaurant to complete our customs forms, play chess and drink Perrier! Yesterday we sailed back, first to Sainte Anne, then to Le Marin as they found us a spot on the jetty. It was a hairy trip across the harbour past Diamond Rock to Sainte Anne. The winds averaged 40+ knots and Daddy made the boat tip all the way to the side!! It was very scary so I clutched on to mummy to stay on board! We went to a restaurant called Mangue on the marina for dinner. This morning it took all morning to pack and clean up the boat - luckily we came back to the marina last night!! We all shared our ... read more
Disembarking for St Pierre
Sunset over Fort-de-France
Night time lights

It was dark in the night and I was happily feeding away when George came into our room to wake up daddy. I fell asleep again, but apparently our boat was not where we had anchored it. It had drifted nearly 700m!! Luckily, we hadn't drifted all the way out to sea as our anchor had caught in a crab pot! Armed with head torches and a boat hook, mummy, daddy and George spent over an hour unraveling the lines of the crab pot from the anchor. The unravelling finished just before daybreak ... and we commenced motoring to a nearby bay. Everyone was relieved and resolved to better test the anchor in future. I just let everyone do the work and stayed in bed :) Day 6 (Friday) Martinique The new bay, Anse Dufour, was ... read more
Sunset in Roseau Bay, Dominica
Dinner with David
Daddy and I in Roseau Bay

We've been on something called a boat for 5 days now. When we landed in Martinique, a wave of heat descended upon me. I was sweltering in my long onesie. They were all talking the language Mummy sometimes speaks to me. I think it's called French. Mummy did most of the talking. We all hopped into a big box on wheels - much bigger than the car in San Francisco - and moments later we were walking on a path into the sea. We got on a rocking platform called a boat and mummy put up a new green covered playpen for me. Mummy found a new language to speak - a man with big long pieces of hair who was darker than daddy with a suntan came and taught mummy some new words in Creole. ... read more
My earphones
Arrival in Martinique
The path to the sea and all our luggage

Central America Caribbean » Martinique January 21st 2017

Geo: 14.4932, -61.0973 Quick stop in Anse D'Arlet to visit with Ole and Jette one last time before they head further north than we will be this cruising season.... read more
At anchor
A morning walk

12-13-015 Martinique Dao Martinique la 1' trong 4 hon dao thuoc thuoc France: Martinique, Guadelupe, French Guiana and Montserrat. Martinique cung la no ira doi cua hoang hau Josephine, phu nhan cua Hoang de Napoleon nuoc Phap. Dao Martinique la oversea región cua Phap. Guadeloupe gan do va French Guiana cung la oversea región cua Phap va la 2 trong 27 oversea regions cua Phap. Do do Martinique nam trong European Union vi the noi day dung Euro va noi tieng Phap. Tuy nhien dan o day cung noi tieng Antilean Creole. Port of Prince la thu do o day. Nuoc ANh da chiem dong Martinique 3 lan sau cung nam 1794 den 1815. Sau do Anh quoc trao martinique cho Phap nhu la su trao doi giua 2 nuoc de roi tu do Martinique thuoc ... read more

7 février 2015, Bonjour, Nous voici à notre premier blogue de la saison. Ça fait un peu plus de deux mois que je suis ici (Gilles) Et Carole est venu me rejoindre le 14 décembre dernier. J'ai décidé de partir plus tôt cette année parce qu'il y avait un peu plus de travaux a faire sur le bateau que d'habitude. Les injecteurs du moteur ont été changés, le cutlass Bearing sur l'arbre d'hélice et également les transparents sur le dodger ont été egalement changé. Le tout s'est très bien passé. Le 14 décembre Carole est arrivé sur un bateau tout propre et frais cir, près pour les grandes randonnées. Comme l'an passé nous avons passé Noël à Grenade plus précisément à la marina de Whisper Cove propriété d'un québécois qui a chaques année prépare un souper ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Martinique November 28th 2014

For me these days, 20 years ago feels like yesterday. And 20 years ago, not only was I at University....but I had another side job, I used to work for Club Med. These years were pretty interesting...combining a degree in economics, plus another one in philosophy. To top it up, I did give few years as a student leader, and even went into politics at European level. Than one day, I got the chance to work for Club Med as a golf teacher. I spent 9 months out of my last two years at University being paid to travel...being paid to party...being paid to communicate...and yes, at the same time I got my degree with honours...these years were amazing and will always stay with me! They made the man I am today...They also allow me enough ... read more
Some diving....
Club Med Boucaniers

Arrived on Tuesday after a beautiful sail from St Lucia. Were just going to go to the bottom of the island, but after a fast and lovely sail, decided to continue up to the top. So glad we did. Perfect sailing conditions!! Got buzzed by a helicopter, possibly customs? for the first time ever since leaving Oz. St. Pierre is just a stunning little village. Google the history as it's amazing. Totally destroyed in 1903 by volcano eruption. All died except for one man as he was in his prison cell. Very deep anchorage, but more quiet than down below. Anyway, were only going to stay one night, but will end up here for 3!! Love the cruising lifestyle... read more
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DSCN7085 (1024x768)

Le 08 mars, 2014 Bonjour, Cela fait déjà 1 mois que nous sommes ici en Martinique. Après avoir passé quelques semaines à Sainte- Lucie et d’y avoir fait nos provisions et visité la capitale qui est Castries (la pauvre) et la baie de Marigot (la magnifique) nous avons dû remonter en Martinique pour accueillir mon frère François pour une semaine et le père de Carole pour deux semaines. Et si nous revenions un peu sur Sainte-Lucie; L’entrée se fait habituellement au nord de l’île c'est-à-dire dans la baie de Rodney. L’endroit est très touristique avec hôtels 5 étoiles dont un Sandals et marina tout confort. Après quelques jours de magasinage et de 5-7…., nous décidons de redescendre un peu vers le sud à ‘’Marigot Bay ‘’à 2 heures de Rodney. Nous n’y avions jamais été mais ... read more
Baie de Marigot

Martinique We sailed the 20-mile journey to meet up with Caroline and Paul on Juno. It was a tight fetch across from St Lucia and we aimed to for the large, secure bay of St Anne. The contrast from the other Caribbean islands was quite extraordinary; from the dinghy pontoons, the shops that actually had something in them, to the lit, paved streets – it was clear that we were in a department of France, albeit one that was filled with sunshine, the holidaying French and sat square in the Caribbean. We had made plans to have a few days with the Junos prior to them disappearing to Antigua to fly home for work. Juno is a stunning Oyster 575 and Paul ensures that she is immaculately maintained. Their life involves 3 weeks a ... read more
Boys reach for the sky
Statue of Empress Josephine
Lashes or vimpers!

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