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Well, we got so relaxed and lazy while we were in Jamaica we never finisbed our blog! Our last excursion in Jamaica turned out to be the best! We went to Mystic Mountain where we rode a chair lift through the jungle to the top of the mountain. The views of the tropical plants, the seaside villages below and the Sea were gorgeous. When we reached the peak of the mountain, we rode the Jamaican Bob Sled down ( no motorization, just pure gravity) which was more thrilling than most any of the roller coasters we've ridden. Then back up the mountain to get ready for the Zip Line. I think this had to be my favorite activity of all! There were 5 Zip Lines in all, some short, some long and one straight down! When ... read more
Up Through the Rain Forest
Jamaican Roller Coaster
All Geared Up

Just kicking back while Cynde catches a nap. Yesterday evening we took a sunset cruise and snorkle trip. While the snorkeling is pretty amazing, it does not quite compare to Mexico. The water however is georgeous! Yesterday, while climbing on the rocks on the beach outside our room, I smashed my water camera! The timing could not have been worse since we had scheduled snorkeling! At least we have the memories. We saw lots of brightly colored fish, coral, and other sea life. Unfortunately, the rum flowed freely, again! It was a great trip! Tomorrow is our last day in Jamaica and we have a great trip planned. We will blog it tomorrow evening. It will be a mountain jungle trip with bobsledding, zip lines, and a water slide!!! Sounds intriguing! Later Mon K... read more

We finally found a trip where we could escape the cold of Oklahoma and find consistent sun! After arriving in Montego Bay on Monday, we located our arranged transportation with some trepidation. A mid-sized bus was awaiting us - large enough for some 20 or so weary travelers. We were somewhat surprised, and skeptical, that this was our transportation. As it turned out, it was great! Our driver was a great orintational tour guide - full of information relating to the local landscape, culture, and people. This is where we were first introduced to the most important phrase one could utter - - - Irie Mon, meaning relaxed and happy! Add that to "No Worries", and you can almost pass for a local. Almost! Our resort is great. Nestled between the mountain forests and the aqua-blue ... read more
Village Plaza
Rafting on the River
River Portrait

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