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To say it was a long day is an understatement. Early up, so you can wait in lines. In Houston, no problem. Made it through security, got to the gate, and waited for boarding. After we got on board, before take off, someone got sick (rhymes with arf) and we had mechanical delay. Something about gas tank gauge not reading full. Then off to Jamaica. Capt. and flight crew did a great job of flying, and landing. They were not informed as to how customs processed arrivals however. They passed out the Jamaican forms, and clearly said "one per family. up to 4 people on one card". So, we filled out one, and The Perrodins filled out one. It may be this was their first flight into Jamaica, but when we got down to customs, there ... read more
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Photo 5
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Getting a Travelblog all setup and ready to post when we get pictures of Jamaica. Stay tuned and we will see how fast this geek learns to use this site.... read more

Jamaica is one of my favourite ports simply because there are so many gorgeous places you can go to. I listed all sorts of options to Mel and Jess for our day there and they picked the Blue Hole. Tours are not offered to the Blue Hole. It's not all finished with a snack bar or souvenir shop or even washrooms. It's left completely untouched. And that's why I love it there. I went last year while on the Liberty with some other crew members. Generally it's just crew members who go there, because we learn about it by word of mouth from each other. It was one of my favourite port days I've ever had so I was very excited to take Mel and Jess there. It took a bit of convincing to find a ... read more
The Girls
Water Falls in the Blue Hole
Me and the Blue Hole

The last two weeks I haven’t been up to much of anything. I have been so sick! I had some sort of flu or virus that just completely kicked my butt. I couldn’t sleep at night and all day I’d just be sneezing and aching. I was constantly freezing yet to touch my skin I was burning up. All I did was work and sleep - or try to sleep. I kept taking cold and flu medication which was doing nothing. After a week of no improvement, I was finally given penicillin which seems to be kicking it as I’m finally starting to feel like I’ve re-joined the land of the living! Thankfully my teen count has finally dropped off. I still have teens to entertain, but I have dozens rather than hundreds. Today we’re in ... read more
Not Your Usual Ski Lift
Peeking Through to the Ship
Above The Trees

We took the red eye, arrived in Montego Bay around .. I don't remember. lol.. We stood at the Riu, Ocho Rios. The ride from the air port and back took FOREVER because the bus made stops at almost every hotel along the way to pick up or drop off. I believe we used Sunset Tours for our transfers; they sold beer and other drinks on the bus. As we arrived to the Riu, and as soon we stepped foot into the lobby we were welcomed with an ice cold tropical rum beverage. We were immediately amazed with the beauty of the Riu and the warm welcoming from the staff! The hotel is GORGEOUS!! We went right up to our room after checking in and it was also very beautiful. We lucked out and had a ... read more
Reception Desk
The Falls
Lobby of Riu Ocho Rios

Today we’re in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and it’s the last port day I have with Ginny here. We’d talked about a few different things we could do today, but then I had teens sign up for the tour being offered this cruise, so I had to chaperone. But I was able to arrange for Gin to come on the same tour I’d be taking the teens on, so we still got the day together. The adventure for the day? River Tubing on the White River. I’ve done a couple of river tubing tours in other ports, but this one was a new one for me, so that was exciting. It was an early morning, but we met the teens and packed into our van for the winding and rushed ride through the back roads that cut ... read more
The Old Spanish Bridge
The White River
Down the White River

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios February 16th 2009

Endeleg skulle mi faa sjaa Jamaica kulturen paa verkeleg. Mi hadde bare ei veke her, saa det var om aa gjer aa sette opp gassen for aa faa sett mest muleg paa den tida mi hadde til disp. Derfor suste mi til Negril den fyrste dagen og fekk den eklaste overnattingsplassen til dags dato. Var paa Alfred´s der mi fekk hoyre live raggaemusikk, saa daa var det kryssa av paa lista okkos. Pga tattoveringa kunne mi ikkje nyte det turkise Caribiske havet, saa for aa unngaa fristelsen reiste mi til Black River dagen etter for aa myse etter krokodiller. Der fekk mi overnatte i ein gamal buss som stod parkert paa plenen til ein gamal mann, like innmed havet. Daa passa det jo bra at ein typisk rastaman plukka oss opp i baaten sin for aa ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios January 27th 2009

Manny! Jamaica Me Crazy So says our cab driver Duppy today as I proffer up a deluge of reasons why he cant scam me on the “negotiable” price to Reggae Beach. “It’s far, it’s in another parish!” he says; of course the parishes are not that large I respond, and we settle on 18 bucks one way which turns into 20 bucks when he doesn’t have change for the 10 minute cab ride. In actuality he said “You’re crazy, but you’re cool.” Miguel’s card (Duppy is his nickname) says he is the #1 cabbie on the island; I couldn’t get one of the “lifeguards” at Reggae Beach to confirm that. Speaking of those lifeguards, smoking reefer and raking around shards of broken glass seems to be all they are good for, but what the hey, life ... read more
View of Ocho Rios
Bauxite Plant
Couple Cats

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios October 20th 2008

Hey that is whateveryone here says and it gets at you so before long we are saying it too and we haveonly been ashorean hour. Anyway a liitle on the cruise asthis may be the only chance to get onto this site for a while. First night out was an introduction to theship which is pretty well full.Mostly Americans but also Poms in reasonable numbers.The first dinner was an example ofwhat was to come 4 courses plus coffee and that wasjust dinner.Breakfast the next morning was a huge choice and so it turned out each day.Lunch we had to try but stuck with a salad as there was still 9 days left to go !!!! The show on the opening nite was a bit of everything that was on as the cruise progressed.So much energy. ... read more

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