Peru Cancelled...Jamaica now?

Published: July 21st 2010
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Well, After a very long, and very tedious day, we have discovered that travel to Lima is impossible for the next 3 days.

As Kenji's dad works for Continental, we are flying very cheap, and therefore we are on standby. Today the flight was extremly overbooked, due to weather conditions from yesterday, and as a result we missed the flight today. The problem is, the next 3 days are also really overbooked for the Lima flights. After sitting down for 3 hours today and exhausting all possabilities (Panama, New York, Los Angels, Bolivia, Columbia, etc) and then connecting flights, we realized there is no way to get us to Peru on standby in the next 4 days. Even if we paid full price for a ticket (1800$) there is a high chance we wouldn't make it tomorrow either, as they have oversold the plane.

So, we decided, after a long period of debate, that we are here, we are packed, we have passports, we have a week off, and we are ready to travel. As a result, we grabbed a map of everywhere continental flies, after some arguing, we landed on Montego Bay, Jamaica.

So, IRE MON! We be goin to Jamaica at 9 am tomorrow!

See you on the flip side, and much love



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