Jamaica means land of wood and water

Published: December 29th 2008
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Today we took an excursion with Raymond , our rasta driver, highly recomended by our friends. He entertained us by playing reggae videos and singing along all the while pointing out the sites on the tourist trail. Like the newest, Usain Bolt's grade school. Accomanied by a story about how he gave him a Puma shirt years ago. We stoped for a photo op at Rose Hall Plantation , checked out Discover Bay where Colombus first landed ( Yes Jamacia is yet another knotch in CC's belt, he's been everywhere!) commerated of course with a bar called Seavibes along with an obligatory sign and a glimpse into the daily Jamacian life : goats and cows feeding on the side of the road, a man selling fish on a string , shacks and tents selling barrel chicken otherwise known to us as jerk chicken.

We arrived at the Falls got to the bottom and proceded to climb. We didnt want to join the large groups holding hands during the climb but made our own way up taking hints from the hordes of tourists being filmed by guides on the way up. Truth be told I bailed at the last exit before the toll but once I saw I only had a a little bit to go I wished I hadnt but I still consider it a successful climb, Frank was quite impressed with me😉

After lunch at Sandals Dunns River we stopped at Colombus park to see some artifacts of the plantation days in Jamacia and a stop to see the oldest church in Jamacia, all that before a shopping trip at Rainbow shops.

Tonight we ate the Oleander Sandals white glove resturant and tried the pumpkin soup. After we met our Tripadvisor friends again during the show for a nightcap. We raved about our driver and planned to use him again.

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18th November 2009

I am going there next month december hoping i have a blast. seems like u guys did thanks for putting this up
17th June 2010

You really find the Island
Wow you and Frank get around! One Love

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