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September 15th 2011
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They're everywhere.
Today is the first day of my glorious 5-day weekend, thanks to a combination of Honduran Independence Day and Dia de la Maestra. This weekend is also the fishing tournament, so there should be some fun stuff going on in town. It’s been raining these past few days (helloooo rainy season- but more on that later) but luckily today is nice and sunny so I’m heading to the beach. The great thing about living here is that on days when I’m not working, I can totally be a tourist on a tropical vacation. The novelty of living here still hasn’t worn off, either- every time I go to the beach I’m still amazed at the color of the water and the beautiful white sand beaches.

Like I mentioned earlier, I believe that rainy season has finally started. So far it’s mostly just been at night, with only sporadic daytime rain, but to say that it’s just been” raining” these past few days is an understatement. The nighttime rain has been accompanied by ground-shaking, ear-splitting crashes of thunder, and equally ferocious lightning. One night I was woken up by a storm which must have been right overhead, when my room was

The sun got in the way, so I could only get a silhouette.
illuminated by lightning and my bed literally shook from the thunder. BUT today it is nice out. And I’m going to the beach. So no more talk of thunder.

School has been going well. On Wednesday we marched in an independence parade in the early morning which was fun, although by the end the little kids did take a little bit of prodding encouragement to keep going. Last week was Children’s Day, so we did some fun games and food stuff for the kids. We even had piñatas, courtesy of the Honduran government. I find it interesting that they can afford to provide fully-stocked piñatas to all the schools but no funding for educational materials. Se la vie.

I really don’t have much else to say that is very interesting, so I’ll leave you with a few more random thoughts.

I think I’m becoming a real, productive person. A few days ago I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep so I actually got stuff done before school. Today, when I have a day off and could sleep in for as long as I wanted to, I was up at 6:45 because I just woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep. What is this? Am I turning into an adult who actually accomplishes non-essential things in the MORNING when any decently unproductive person would be sleeping??

I keep hearing sounds of something running around on my roof, and I don’t know what it is. I can accurately identify geckos and falling avocados, but this is definitely something else. And it’s having quite a good time taking laps on my roof. It could be a bird, but it sounds too heavy to be a bird. It’s a mystery.

We have hummingbirds that come around frequently on the deck, and they’re cool because you can get really close to them. However I have also been mildly dive-bombed by hungry hummingbirds more than once while sitting out there. You may laugh, but how would you like it if you were napping in a hammock and woke up to feel a rush of wind against your face as a hummingbird swoops by?


15th September 2011

wow you actually caught his wings, impressive haha
16th September 2011

Glad things are going well! Sounds like more interesting things keep happening. We will skype with you sometime this weekend. Your dad has a bad cold and been doing crazy work and I had to go to the river for a day. Will try & catch you online soon. Love, Andi PS - very nice photo of the hummingbird!

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