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October 9th 2014
Published: October 10th 2014
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I am still struggling with blog posts and I am not sure where they are going or when they show up in this blog.

Today was a good day on the site. Good news, we finally reached depth in our trenches. Even better news, the heavy rains last night did not make them fill up, collapse or float away as I dreamed they might.

You guessed it. Today we filled the trenches with the rocks. Some of us made concrete in a pit and the masons began building the foundations with the rocks and cement. Several team members were really good at figuring out the puzzle of which rock fit best where, while others, like me, just lugged rocks and dropped them where we were told.

I was surprised when the super asked our team to begin digging trenches on the second house on the same lot. I thought we might have a strike or mutiny. But there was no 'trench warfare' and our troopers began the arduous process on the adjacent house.

The overcast skies and light drizzle made the working conditions both better and worse. The heat was bearable, but the mud and slippery conditions were simultaneously dangerous and hilarious.

I've noticed the collective energy level of our team was down today. I think the excitement is waning slightly and exhaustion is setting in. However, our afternoon activity was inspiring. We went to the community of El Rosario, where Habitat for Humanity built a 32 home neighborhood over the previous 2 years. Seeing the homeowners and their families, living in safe, stable, decent housing, all while enjoying a vibrant rural community was amazing. Many had planted flower and vegetable gardens out front. Many stepped outside their homes in the light rain to see the visitors that came to look at their neighborhood. A few even welcomed us into their yards and homes. All had a friendly welcome. It was great for our team to see a finished home. It gave us a better sense of what we are here to do.

Tomorrow is our last build day. We then head off for a Day and a half of R & R before heading home.

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10th October 2014

I am truly amazed at what you guys are accomplishing! Wish I could have made the trip. The whole rock breaking looks intense. I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.
10th October 2014

So Thankful
So thankful for people like you and your team who are doing things like this. You may have just been digging the trenches and moving the rocks, but you've literally laid the foundation of a new life for some lucky families! Must have been good to see where all the hard work leads. Safe travels home!
10th October 2014

Finish Line!
You're almost there! Keep it up for lone more day, then you can relax your backs, have a refreshing adult beverage and admire what you have all done together. The, HAVE A SAFE TRIP HOME! Don

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