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October 8th 2014
Published: October 10th 2014
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Yesterday's blog truncated when publishing and I can't seem to find the rest of the blog or the pictures. each evening/morning I curse technology as I struggle with internet connections, large, photo files and transferring between devices. Sorry.

One of our formally horizontal members came to the site today wearing a 'Hump Day' tee shirt. This was a source of amusement for us all, and a puzzlement to our Honduran friends as we kept asking, "What day is? What day is it?"

Each time we dig to depth in our trenches, the prescribed depth gets deeper. They are no longer trenches, they are RAVINES. Today however, we had additional help from some very strong Honduran workers.

Several of us took turns under the tent bending rebar into stirrups to use in the home foundation. Today my reject rate fell to 15%. A lesson from the job super, Jorge, made all the difference. We worked side by side, engaged in some less than eloquent Spanish conversion and finished off the pile of stirrups.

Yesterday I tried to publish a photo of a dump truck full of rocks being deliver to the site. Today we found out what our next project was. We took these large granite rocks and acted like convicts on a chain gang while we alternating swung our sledge hammers breaking them into smaller pieces. Although this was back breaking work, it was surprisingly fun and satisfying. A great way to flex your muscles and get out your frustrations. Then we had to move the smaller boulders to the perimeter of the foundation for what I guess is tomorrow's project.

Coinciding with our rock relocation program, Mother Nature decided to bless us with some heavy, but short lived showers. This made our fire brigade style work more interesting and VERY muddy. However our group of 3 men and 8 women, successfully relocated an entire truck full of rock, up a hill in less than 2 hours.

Our afternoon cultural activity was a trip to a coffee plantation. This involved hiking through the plantation with a guide who explained the process. I thinking our level of exhaustion, filthy clothing and the continuing rain made this less than a stellar experience. We had dinner at the plantation and then got back to the hotel for some much need showers. No energy for our team reflection meeting today, we all agreed to convene at breakfast.


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