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This entry is about 6 months late. After the last journal, life became so demanding I put a halt to everything. Then upon returning to the states, I didn't want to think about the trip for a while, and then I found the job, and then I got busy get the picture. But I'll try to sum up the last two months of my stay in Honduras in less than 5 pages. :) April and May were busy months. Not only was it the last semester of school, we also had to plan for a presentation and graduation, exams, final grades and the national tree day celebration. And of course the children were so excited to be getting out of classes they could barely contain themselves, which was a job in itself on a normal ... read more
Going back
Very Large Boulder
Brother Antonio

These are photos of the Copan Ruins. ... read more
copan 003
copan 004
copan 005

Hi guys, Mitch and I are in Copan as of yesterday and it is very nice! Very hot a humid and tropical. We went to the ruins which were pretty interesting and the pictures are coming. Today, we went horseback riding and it was really sweet. The horses here are small and bony looking but pretty strong and the guide pretty much just followed us as we led our own trail ride! The people here seem very friendly. There are not too many tourists here right now because the elections are coming up and that may cause problems. However, in small towns and on he islands, I don't think we will have trouble with that. Tomorrow we are headed to Utila Island (in the Carribbean) where we will get certified for Scuba diving. It is cheaper ... read more

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Two day off in Antigua are well spent drinking with the locals to celebrate Independence Day. Did you know.... Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama all share the same Independence Day 15 September 1821. This was only from the Spanish though, they then had to get independent from the Mexicans as well. We sampled the local delight of Aguadiente (picture on the Globebusters blog with new Colombian face hair!) which is US $1 a bottle. We had US $8 worth and its 36% proof - Then on to the obligatory Irish bar, O'Reilly's run by a Norwegian. This was bettered on our last night when Max had a hankering for a Curry and we at at the Pashkoor, and very good it was too. Waiters were Guatemalan and the white chef was from Suffolk - Of course. ... read more
Playa Hermosa

Volcano Tour Day 3: July 27, 2009 Copan Honduras We left early in the morning from Guatemala for Honduras. Originally we were to spend 5 days in Honduras, but due to the political problems, we were advised not to go to Honduras at all. Our tour leader heard that it was still OK to go to Copan, which is only 1/2 hour into Honduras from the Guatemala border. (I'll write more about the Honduras situation in my Nicaragua entry) The border was really nothing. I was thinking that I would see a lot of soldiers on the Honduras side, but there were surprisingly few. I have been told this is not the case on the Honduras - Nicaragua border, which we will pass in a week or so... Copan is home to Mayan Ruins. While not ... read more
My Tour Group outside of the Copan Ruins
Honduras - Guatemala Border

They say you learn about yourself when you travel. One of the things I’ve learned (or resigned myself too) is the fact that I don’t sleep well, or at all, on buses and planes. Unless I’m lying down my body just won’t sleep. Tipping the seat back a degree or two isn’t enough to fool the old bones into thinking it’s time for a nap. If I do nod off momentarily I wake up excited that I’ve managed to drop off for a while, until I check my watch and realise only 10 minutes have passed. I count myself lucky to get 30 minutes of sleep during a night flight so saying that you can imagine how jiggered I was when I arrived in San Pedro Sula after a night flight from Sao Paulo via Miami. ... read more
Copan Ruins
Copan Ruins
Copan Ruins

Copan is amazing. It is probably one of my favorite places weve been so far. It looks a lot like Antigue, only cleaner. All of the buildings are in great shape and theres several backpacker hangouts that were awesome. We ended up staying in a hostel called La Manzana Verde, the green apple. It was extremely clean, six dollars, and there were tons of kids there. Strangly enough, we were beginning to settle down one night and we ran into a girl who went to the same high school as us! What a small world. We also met up with some other travelers we had seen on the way and it ended up being so much fun. We slept there the first night, and made our second day Ruins day. Wow Copan Ruins are wild. They ... read more
copan guard
Giant Macaw

Honduras We arrived on the early morning of the 14th in Capon, Honduras. We flew on the Aero Honduras Airlines and checked into our hotel, The Hotel Posada Real de Copan and picked up our XTerra we rented from the Airlines car loaning facility. We decided to go to Honduras just for the culture and the people there, and the second we got there we realized we had made a good choice. In Honduras, the people you meet accept you as family immediately and are the most hospitable people that we had met on our trip, always welcoming, and always generous. We even ended up only spending one night in our hotel before checking out because all he locals convinced us to stay at one of their houses so we could really get to understand Honduras ... read more

19th MAY 2009 - A LITTLE TIME IN COPAN!! My alarm went off at around 3.30am. I tried putting the covers over my head and wishing I could just have another hour at least but unfortunately, the time kept ticking and I had to get up. After a quick wash, I dressed and we headed down to wait for the bus. Sooooo sleepy and as usual being on the mini bus was like being on a rollercoaster but I did manage to get a little bit of shut eye!! Would have got more sleep if 2 English guys hadn’t kept jabbering on to us. Honestly….I love meeting people but at 4am, my conversation skills are limited!! One of them never shut up but I think he was a little bit special so I overlooked it!! We ... read more
Steep Street!!
Our walk by the river!!
The Valley Below!!

Hello friends and family! I have 1 ½ months left! I used to be counting down the days until my return, now I wish time would sllllooooooowwwww DOWN! Don’t take offense I am just very happy here. I love my students! I love my fellow teachers! I love the administration and Hondurans I work with! On the plus side, I am looking forward to coming home again and actually having a real job. I’m will be teaching Language Arts at Columbus Bilingual Academy to 6th-8th grade. It is a charter school and I will be joining them in their second year. I couldn’t imagine a better job. I get to do a job I love and be in Columbus surrounded by the people I love. Ok so here are some funny stories: 1) The other day ... read more
3rd Grade!
Classroom in La Pintada
8th grade!

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