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This is a post that should have probably written weeks ago. It is a post I have dreaded. How do I describe these experiences? What do I say? Do I have the right to tell this story? Do have the skill to tell it in it’s entirely? Where is the truth, would I recognized it? I have avoided this posting because it demands context, but not justification, simply context. I have postponed this posting for weeks in attempt to gain some of this context. But I am beginning to wonder if I have the ability to separate between the reality that my eyes see and perception that my prejudices distort. I am reminded of a quote from a book I have recently read on this trip: “…We have no choice but to see the world through ... read more

Copán... More ruins. I'd heard about it in the same sentences as Tikal and understood this was the biggest Mayan site in Honduras, so needless to say I had high expectation. After a couple of unremarkable days in Utila (the diving might have been good but the island itself didn't set my heart alight), I was hoping to get a more Honduran flavour, although I realised I was heading for another super-touristy site in the country. I left Utila on the 6.20am boat - lucky I don't mind the early starts too much. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the ferry ticket was slightly cheaper this way (L400) and hooked up with a couple of people I'd met the night before, one of which was heading to San Pedro Sula (so was I). We got ... read more

I started my day with an early morning bumpy ride from San Pedro Sula to Copan Ruinas. I was dropped off by taxi at the bus terminal (about a 20 minute drive) and took a Casa Sola bus at 8am. The bus was about $8 US and was one of those comfortable charter buses. No bathroom and the air wasn’t turned on but was a pretty comfortable 2.5 hour ride north. I took the advice of a fellow woman blogger and sat next to an older woman in the waiting area and sat with her again on the bus – right up front. She helped me understand how long it would take, what to expect and when vendors came on board to sell soda, I know I didn’t get ripped off. Looking up at the mountains ... read more
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The house building is complete and Michele and I have had 4 days off to sightsee. First day was to climb Pacaya Volcano, which is active, the poor horse was pushed up the volcano by its kind owner. After all the hardwork the volcano was smoking but there was no eruption of lava! It was still however hot enough to toast marshmallows when we laid sticks over a deep hole, which caught fire and toasted the marshmallows!! Next was a trip to the Lakes - Lakes Atitlan and the small villages around the Lakes, these were all very cute and it was a lovely chilled day. We have just got back from the Copan Ruins in Honduras. The ruins are magnificent and it is so hard to appreciate the expanse that the Mayan village would have ... read more

I really need to try & stay up late one of these nights so I won't wake up at 6am.... with the Honchos of the area. Last night was noisy. The parties lasted until well into the morning. I'm glad there's only one Saturday night in the week. Such old fogies. This morning we cleaned up, packed up, kept the streak alive & headed to the ruins. First we had to have some free coffee. Love a hostal that gives you free coffee. For breakfast we went a little healthier & had some toasty o's with chocolate milk (solely because it's kept in the fridge & the rest of the milk is kept on the shelves with dry goods, I wanted cold milk for a change). Caught a tuk tuk & went to the ruins. We ... read more
Kassandra and the "Juego de Pelota"
Hieroglyphic Stairway
Gotta love the 10 second timer.

Best night sleep in some time! The temperature was perfect last night & the bed is just comfy enough & it was super quiet! Love it. Nothing beats a good nights sleep. The Honcho near us clearly hasn't gotten his doodling pipes worked up to snuff yet. His cock-a-doodle-do sounds more like cock-a-dool-ack. It literally made me wake up laughing. He has a bit of a hack at the end & it gets really quiet. Maybe he's a teenager? We got up & headed out. We've decided to take it easy today & just chill around town. We need a day of rest after yesterday. Plus the weather is kinda crappy & cloudy & drizzly so not the perfect conditions for viewing the ruins of Copan. Outside we were met with the delicious smell of fried ... read more
Best soup of the trip!
And fried chicken

Slept pretty ok last night finally! Woke up to the least amount of runny nose yet! Woohoo! I actually have a little energy which is super exciting. After we had a Pana-muffin (like an egg mcmuffin only better) & a Papaya Licuado I decided I could probably travel today without it being too terrible. I'm so bored of being in that room. A change of scenery is necessary. After the Pana-muffin, we walked until we found an open travel agent. We paid the $36 pp for our bus ride to Copan, Honduras (about an 8 hour bus ride). Back to the hotel to pack up our bags again! Our shuttle driver showed up late, as usual (with the exception of the one time in Antigua where he was 20 minutes early & left without us)! I ... read more
Our ride
Hit the spot!
The Guatemala/Honduras Border

Llegamos en Copán Ruinas de noche. Caminamos 20 metros a nuestro hostel que se llama Los Gemelos. Tuvimos mucho hambre y encontramos el parque central con mucho comida en la calle. Comimos kebab con tortillas y ensalada y licuados de bananas... fue muy rico!! despues de la cena estabamos muy cansados y fuimos dormir. La proxima mañana vimos mas de Copán, calles de piedra y edificios coloniales. Despues del desayuno, caminamos a Copán ruinas de los mayas. Nosotros compartimos una guia con amigos y pasamos por dentro. Copán es conocido por sus esculpturas y su arte. Habian muchos heiroglypos y esculpturas lindas! Habia un museo con muchos de los esculpturas porque muchos fueron destruyos por el medio ambiente. El museo fue muy bueno!!! Despues el tour de Copán volvimos al pueblo Copán a las 3.30pm y ... read more
Copán heiroglificos

We arrived in Copán just after dark, and walked 50m from the bus stop to the hostel we had picked out called Los Gemelos. A lovely old lady greeted us and showed us the rooms, it costs about $5 per person. The rooms are basic and clean and fresh with a shared bathroom and a lovely courtyard full of flowers to look out on. We were pretty hungry and went in search of the Parque Central, where a lot of the eateries are. We found women cooking over hot embers with a grill making dinners for very cheap, so we had 2 carnitas each... a carnita is basically a kebab they have cooked over the embers (beef). They serve it to you in a plastic basket covered by a plastic sheet, the meat is taken off ... read more
Copán sculpture
Big sculpture of the 13th King of Copán

Copán Monday 16th August It’s another long travelling day today as the alarm wakes us up at 5:15. I wake up with the song “Total Eclipse of The Heart” in my head. How did that get in there?? We’ve got possibly 9 hours of travelling ahead and I’m sure I’m going to get beaten up by the rest of the group if I can’t stop myself singing that. We’ve got quite a complicated journey ahead to get from Roatán to Copán, our next destination. Our journey will be by taxi, ferry, taxi, bus and then one more bus and will take us back through La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula again. Let’s hope we make all the connections! We do make all the connections! The final bus, from San Pedro Sul to Copán we make with ... read more
Watching The Rain
Copán Ruins
Copán Ruins

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