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Published: May 19th 2010
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She´s an expert cook of typical Honduran food. Orphilia prepares food for the whole family in the house.
We´ve all had those moments where everything seems to be right. Where contentment seems pure bliss.

I had one of those moments with my family. I was tired from my adventure at the waterfall earlier that day. Orphilia was in the kitchen--the small simple kitchen with three stoves and a gecko making noises from somewhere on the yuk green walls. She was making pupusas on her gas stove. I sat down at the kitchen table in the candle and lantern light, necessary because the electricity was off. I watched as she expertly shaped the flour dough for the pupusas in her hands, carefully inserted the cheese mixture in each, flattened them, then placed them on the iron skillet. How many of them have you made in your lifetime? I ask. Thousands, she says. Elda, her younger sister, joins us, and proclaims that this is a¨romantic¨evening. When she says that, we all giggle--and the shadows dance on the walls. Dayana the youngest enters, and we all start talking about boyfriends and spouses and such. Then a cat squeals--someone had stepped on it. We talk some more, pat pat pat, Orphilia´s hands continue to shape the pupusas. The cat gets it again.
Orphilia Unwraps a TamaleOrphilia Unwraps a TamaleOrphilia Unwraps a Tamale

Orphilia prepared a typical type of tamale for me one morning. She had been working on it since the day before.
Yeow!! Giggles again. The pupusas smell so good. I am so hungry. And there I am, sitting with my sisters in Honduras, in the humble kitchen around food, with the songs of our voices laughing and joking, and everything is perfect.

I step on the cat.
Perfect. Everything is perfect.

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The Package Sheds its WrappingThe Package Sheds its Wrapping
The Package Sheds its Wrapping

Tamales take much more time than pupusas, which Orphilia can make in an hour instead of a day for the tamales.

29th May 2010

Continuous adventures
Hi Terry. Just returned from a week of training & am catching up on your adventure blogs! Loved the zip-lining and deluge adventures. I can tell you will be returning to Honduras.... (:>) Gail

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