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This time...beautiful Copan ruins!!! After Palenque in Mexico and Tikal in Guatemala it was time for a bit smaller Copan ruins, but with much, much more details! Lovely!

As one of the greatest treasures of art and architecture in the Americas, Copán is known for its beautiful temples, altars and stelae. The stelae are three to five meters tall and two to three meters around. Carved in extremely intricate high relief, they are portraits of the greatest rulers in the history of the city. Many are round on one side (the figure side) and flat on the other.
The flat sides are laden with hieroglyphs which describe the power and politics of the dignitary depicted and the ideology of the times. The ball court is the second largest to be found in Central America!!!!!!!!

Impressive in detail and humbling in size, these unique sculptural monuments make Copán shine among the ruin sites of the Maya and are invaluable to our understanding of this lost civilization.

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Copan ruins, The Hieroglyphic Stairways Copan ruins, The Hieroglyphic Stairways
Copan ruins, The Hieroglyphic Stairways

The most famous of Copan's monuments, 63 steps and several thousand glyphs tell the history of the royal house of Copan and is the longest known text of ancient mayan civilization.

25th February 2011
Copan ruins, colorful guacamayas (large parrots)

I LOVE PARROTS!!!!!!! They are so cute... i want to go see some <3 (:
8th July 2011
Copan ruins, colorful guacamayas (large parrots)

i love

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