Mayan Ruins

Published: August 1st 2008
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When I left for this trip, over a month ago, I really had no plans of what I was going to do when I got down here. I wanted to be free. I wanted to go with the flow and not be tied to a schedule. All I knew was that I had to be back in Managua by the end of August. However, for some reason it never crossed my mind that I would be exploring the ruins of ancient Mayan civilazations. Nice beaches, sure. Dense forest, of corse. But to see these grand temples built over two thousand years ago, that is something I hadn´t planned on. To view these amazing structures and imagine what it must have been like is truly incredible. Standing under the great temples built by Mayan kings thousands of years ago really brings a sense of reality. You feel so small. You realize that you are such a small part of this world and the history of this world. To see the inscriptions on the Stalae, and the archatecture of the temples, to learn about the accuracy of their calander, and the games they played you realize that we really do stand on the shoulders of giants. You also realize how much history influences us. Each civilization, each generation is built upon the ones before it. It makes you wonder what people will think of us in Two thousand years. What will we leave behind and what will the next generation build upon.

I have been in the town of Copan Ruins for a few days now. It is a fabulous little town and I am staying in a wonderful little Hostel. It is definately geared towards tourists but it still has a small town feel to it. I have enjoyed wandering the streets and browsing through the markes and the stalls of the artisans. There is a lovely open parque central with a grand plaza. The city is full of life. People buzzing with goods from the market, little red three wheeled taxis whizing by in every direction, groups of lost looking tourist shuffeling by with their brightly colored backpacks. Copan is filled with character rich hotels and little independently owned restaurands and cafes sporting a jungle feal or relaxed cabana theme. Many of the streets are filled with vendors selling mayan replicas, beautifully painted pottery, handmade jewelery, and local barbaque stands. It has a wonderful feal and I have really enjoied my time here. I wish that I could describe the wonder of the ruins better but I think that the pictures reflect a glimpse of this incredible marvel. Unfortunately this computer can´t connect to my camera but pictures should be coming soon. I hope that you all are doing well and enjoying the wonderful washington summer.


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