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Published: August 10th 2010
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My room!My room!My room!

So bright and sunny.
Up at 5am to catch a 7am ferry. The ferry system here isn’t completely disorganized, it is just chaotic. I decided to try to minimize the chaos by going at 7am on a Sunday.
That has to been the best time to go, right? (As Monday at 9:30am was packed.)
Turns out, Monday was not packed. Today was packed. Like what Ellis Island must’ve been like. Or a mosh pit.
I thought, “what sort of insane person would take a 7am ferry on a Sunday?”
ALL of the insane people, apparently. The term “Sunday driver” takes on a whole new meaning when you pack a ferry full of ‘em.
The trip made Villa Helen’s all the more welcoming, as it is tranquil, secluded, and mildly eccentric.
On the ride here, through La Ceiba, brightly colored laundry hangs from clothes lines at almost every house, like Tibetan prayer flags. I assumed all homes must have washer but not dryers, until we drove over a river where I saw families washing their clothes against the rocks.
I saw houses made from sticks. STICKS. Plywood, and random boards. Occasionally an open umbrella closes an otherwise open window. I also saw homes surrounded by barbed
My balcony.My balcony.My balcony.

Own hammock, and table with 4 chairs. Great view of the ocean.
wire, as Ryan did. It appeared home security took the form of barbed wire, ELECTRIFIED barbed wire, and jagged pieces of broken glass embedded in the tops of walls.
Who knew my hotel would be surrounded by barbed wire?!
My room is lovely, as are the grounds and the owner. I did not venture out, as I thought it best to let the barbed wire keep me in.
Tomorrow waking at 4am to take the 5am bus to RYAN!!! I mean, Antigua.

Additional photos below
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View up to my room.View up to my room.
View up to my room.

From the mini private pool I got to enjoy.
Barbed wire at the beach.Barbed wire at the beach.
Barbed wire at the beach.

And surrounding the entire property.

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