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October 21st 2008
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The rain today.The rain today.The rain today.

This is two women wading through the flooded street today. This street wasnt as bad as some others.
Hey Everyone,

School got canceled today because of the rain. All the streets are flooded. It is still raining so school might not happen tomorrow either. It has been raining a lot lately. We keep getting tropical stuff from the Carribean. Last week, it rained for two and a half days because of a tropical depression. I guess it is like this a lot during hurricane season. I had some time to upload pictures today so I am posting a lot on this entry. I do not mind the rain much yet. It is kinda fun. I think I have seen more rain in the last week than the whole rest of my life.

I went to the Honduras-Canada world cup qualifying game in San Pedro a couple weekends ago. It was really fun. The crowd was crazy. It was like a CU game, but instead of only students being crazy all game, the whole stadium was crazy all game. When Honduras scored everyone threw beer and water all over. Honduras won 3-1 too. I do not have any pictures of the game because I did not want to bring my camera. Unfortunately they lost to Jamaica, and now they have to beat Mexico next month to go to the next round. It is all really exciting. Everyone in the country is into it. There best player David Suazo did not play in the last two games. That is why they lost to Jamaica. He will be back for Mexico. We ar going to the game.

The trip back from the Canada game was crazy. It is about an hour bus ride from the stadium. We got out of the stadium and found a bus that said Puerto Cortes on it and we asked a few people if it was going to Puerto Cortes. We crammed on the bus. You would not beleive how many people can fit in a bus here. The bus looked completely full before we got on, but somehow five of us fit. After we started moving we found out the bus was only going to Choloma, which is in the direction of Puerto Cortes, but still a ways away. Everyone on the bus was really excited and really friendly though. Everyone was chanting and yelling the whole time. They found out that we needed to go to Puerto Cortes and everyone was trying to help us out. They said they could drop us off in the center of town and we could maybe get a bus from their. By the time we got their we had decided that there were probably not any buses and we would have to get a taxi, so we decided to continue to Choloma since it is closer. Everybody on the bus was all excited when I told them to keep going. We finally got to Choloma and got a taxi home. It ended up costing us 700 Lempira, but it was for five of us. It was only about 8 dollars each. The ticket to the game only cost 10 dollars so it was alright. For the Mexico game we are getting a bunch of the teachers together and renting a bus.

Other than that everything has been good. We have started hanging out with some of the other teachers. Last weekend we went to the beach and played baseball with a big peice of driftwood I found. We also go and play pool at a little place in town. This weekend we went to a different beach where this American guy we know is renting a house starting in two weeks. He is retired, but has a five year old son that I tutor twice a week. There is not a lot to do in this town but I keep busy. The local soccer team plays every two weeks and the stadium is a block away. Those games are fun, but the team is awful and they have lost every game I have been to.

Everybody still let me know if you are coming down at all. Also comment or send me a message about what you are doing or any questions about what I am doing. I like reading those and I will try to write back. The internet has been a lot more reliable lately which is nice. I am really excited that the Rays finally finished off the Red Sox.

My address if anyone wants to send anything is :

Agencia Guzman
Farley Stephenson
P.O. Box 13
Puerto Cortes, Honduras

Let me know if you send anything so I know to be expecting it. I also have Skype now so if anybody has it or wants to get it, it is easy and free to talk on there we just have to set up a time. I am going to post pictures until I get bored.

Talk to you later.


I am hungry and tired of waiting for photos to post. I will try to post more this week. I have some of our trip to the jungle by Ceiba and the zipline.

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21st October 2008

Rainy Day
Hey! Those are some great pictures! That zipline looks like a lot of fun! Looks like you have been having a lot of fun! That sunset looks amazing! Its been rainy here the past couple of days too. They say that we might get some snow tonight! I am ready for snowboarding season, we got the copper/winter park 2 for 1 deal this year so hopefully we will go more then last. I am loving school! Its great finally getting into the field I love. Its been a lot this semester though with 15 credits! I get done on Dec 4th and dont go back until Jan 20th!!! So that will be a good break! Trying to get a job at a vet office too! Other then that nothing really going on. Love you!

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