Oh No! The Bridge Is Gone ... (poor old red can't carry on)

Published: June 22nd 2009
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Day 794 (02.06.09)

With our time at Nutria Marina up were shown off by Bex at the bus stop and made our way on our hot and stuffy bus to a service station about 5 mins down the road. We had heard rumours that the recent earthquake in Honduras had done some damage further south and that a bridge was possibly broken en route - we had been told that our route was still possible despite this though so we pushed on.

To our joy we were to change buses here for a posher air conditioned set of wheels with DVDs and the lot! Well it had been a while since we had this kind of luxury!

After a pretty non eventful border crossing into Honduras we arrived at San Pedro La Sula and a HUGE terminal. Finidng an onward bus we had a little while to browse and eat and chat with another English couple, Sarah and Andy who were also heading the same way as us.

Before we knew it we had to down the rest of our coffee and we were on our final leg of the journey. Not long out of San Pedro we were caught up in a traffic jam, and as we crawled closer we realised it was due to this rumoured bridge collapse. One side had completely collapsed into the river and all traffic was using the side we were directed to drive across causing a few delays but nothing as substantial as we had feared it would be.

Eventually after a little longer than planned we arrived in La Ceiba where we were due to get the ferry out to the isands the next morning. We hadn't chosen which of the islands we were heading to and this was a decision that would not be finally made until we were in the taxi to the ferry terminal the next morning! Who said we're not planners?


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