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November 15th 2011
Published: November 15th 2011
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Well I haven't done alot since I last wrote to be perfectly honest. We did have thee most horrendous journey ever. Left Semuc Champey heading to Rio Dulce expecting the first hour to be difficult again before hitting the main road however 2 hours in we were resigned to the fact that this could take a while. Basically we ended up on a minibus for 6 hours 5 of which the road basically didn't exist!!! At various sections it had been washed away at one side, we were driving around what had been rock slides. There was no surface at all and on a couple of occasions the driver would have to get out and strategically place rocks he was carrying on the bus to make sure we could get through the mud without getting stuck. On the brighter side (literally) it was daylight and it is alot less scary when you know what is actually going on!!

Arrived in Rio Dulce for a two night stop over due to the elections travel was not advised. Rio Dulce was. Real local Market town with not alot to do. On arrival we Discovered we couldn't even have a beer!! Because of the elections no alcohol allowed for two days :-)

Moving swiftly along we headed across the border to Honduras and south to the bay islands and arrived on utila. It is a pretty small island with a real carribean feel and lots of backpackers. Luckily we arrived on tequila tuesday and felt after our two days of abstinence it would be rude not to get involved!!

Helen was doing her open water diving which is why most people are here. It's the cheapest place in the world to do it and I went along for the craic really. So I have spent the most of a week sitting in a hammock, at the beach, reading a book, heading out with the boat snorkelling on the reef and having some beer.

Really not much else to say about it. Have loved being settled somewhere for a little while but it's onwards and back upwards for me. I leave Helen from here as she is heading south and I'm back solo once more heading to Copan on the Guatemalan border .....

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16th November 2011

Travelling Bug
You keed going having a wonderful time Dont know about those roads!! like mine tarmacadamed at least Have fun Mary (service Desk)
16th November 2011

And we think we have potholes!.Enjoy Sunshine !

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