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[youtube=PpecO7pC9sE]Last day of diving. We got to check out a sunken ship. The top of it was around 65 feet deep and the bottom was a bit lower than 100 feet. I love wrecks. There was a huge moray eel inside one part of the ship. This ship was purposely sunken, which is obvious because it is in one piece, but it has been there long enough that it is covered in growth and fish. Huge groupers swam around it. We swam through part of the ship, but I didn’t attempt to go throughout the inside of it. We have to fly out tomorrow and needed to spend as little amount of time that low as possible.

The second dive was shallow, easy, and nice. One of the other divers, George, spotted a scorpion fish. These things are so cool and even when they are pointed out, you can hardly see it; not because they are small, but because they are so well camouflaged. George pointed it out to me, I had no idea what he was pointing at. Then he pointed it out to his daughter, after she finally figured out what he was pointing at and pointed it out to me again, I saw it blink and realized what I was looking at.

Now we’re just chilling. I’m enjoying a Port Royal beer while I update my blog, dive logs, and am getting ready to start on tomorrow night’s marketing homework.

We’ve been on the boat so much this week that we’re all a little tipsy. Sitting down for a meal, walking across the room, laying down for sleep – it all feels like we’re swaying back and fourth on a boat. It makes using the restroom a little more challenging for the guys, but sleep is nice because it feels like I am rocking on a hammock.

We have to be on the boat by 5 am tomorrow. It’s going to be tough. Not because of the time, but because it is supposed to rain, it is peek noseeum time, there is no shelter or bathroom, and with any luck we’ll only have to wait outside 20 minutes for the pilots, but we are on Caribbean time. The resort owner promises they’ll show up though. Then we have to wait 6 hours until our real flight from main land Honduras. Oy!

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Scorpian FishScorpian Fish
Scorpian Fish

Can you find the fish? Not from our dive...photo found on Google.

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