Published: October 1st 2017
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The shuttle came for Kyla at 8am. The rest of us hung out at the house, packing, eating, swimming in the pool. We left a little after 11am. Paul and I dropped Keegan at his hotel (he's staying 2 extra nights), then we went to the airport. Pas' ticket was a mess, so I spent a lot of time helping him argue with the United people in the back room, trying to get things cleared up. Then we checked in, waited in the line to pay our departure tax, then waited in another line to go through immigration and security. While Paul was coming out of security, his name was called for a random check of his checked luggage. They made him put on an orange vest (very stylish) and carted him out to the tarmac while they inspected his bag. He was released shortly before boarding. The flight was on-time and fine – a little bumpy. Immigration and customs in Houston was fine – busy, but fine. But recheck was a disaster – we were told there was no Pre check line, that everything was expedited, which surely wasn't true, then they called, "Does anyone have 'Pre-check'" and moved us into a different line, which was expedited. No one knew what was going on. It took a long time to get through. Ann and Mike ran off to catch earlier flights. Pas, Paul, and I had lunch, then boarded our separate flights. Pas and I (both upgraded) flew to Seattle. (I was going to Anacortes on work, and he was coming along to make the drive to Point Roberts.) Our flight was late by a bit, which made our arrival into Seattle late. At least we only had a 30 minute drive to the hotel. Can't say Gruden greeted us with whimpering, because I was in hotel in Bothell, Washington. Presumably, he greeted Kyla and Paul with whimpering.


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