West End

Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194

Today we drove out to the West End of the island. I led, and Ann followed. The road as far as Coxen Hole was fairly good, but, from there on out, it was full of potholes. However, all traffic went slowly, so it wasn't too bad. As far as West End, the towns have a very Afro-Caribe feel to them – pleasant, colorful houses, lots of small shops and stands. Many taxis and shared vehicles, but many private vehicles as well. We drove out to the very end, just to see. The road goes along the windward side of the island. The houses here are clearly vacation homes, but are ocean-side for the view and nothing else. The wind is strong, and, instead of a beach, they are fronted by very rugged lava and a cliff. Nice setting, but not a place where you'd want to enter the sea.

We parked just outside a resort: Infinity Bay. We walked through the resort to their beach restaurant, where we had good food and excellent service. Kyla and I stayed at the table while Ann, Mike, and Pas walked the beach, and Paul and Keegan went snorkeling. The snorkeling was fine – fairly clear, lots of rocks and fish. The beach was okay – narrow but soft sand. Many people were hocking excursions, but they were not aggressive at all. The beach was crowded with tourists, which was a nice change (and again makes me happy that we're in a more relaxed side).

During the drive home, we went through Flowers Bay, which was very windy, then around to Coxen Hole. We were hit by an extra heavy rain storm, which was a bit scary to drive through (but only a bit).

Before returning to the villa, the four of us drove through French Harbour, just to see, then picked up a few more groceries. Then back to the condo, before a series of rainstorms, to watch the NFL playoff game.

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