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Published: August 8th 2010
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Starting the day just the way I like.
I hit the beach for 4 hours this morning. Whoops. My go hard or go home attitude is sending me home with a smidge of a sunburn. Just a few select areas. I put my lotion in the mini fridge to chill. Hopefully it will brown nicely and I’ll look like all the Italians who are staying here.
After my over-zealous tanning, I went for a walk along the main road, trying to get some decent photos from the top of a hill. On my exhausted walk home, I took a new route which led me horribly out of the way. However it was certainly worth while...
A look-out tower! Which looked sturdy enough, so naturally I climbed it.
Ladder 1: fine.
Level 1: fine. condom wrapper.
Ladder 2: started swaying the entire structure. like a giant Jenga.
Level 2: entire structure continued to sway. beer bottle caps. decent view.
I climbed down very carefully, confident my weight would not bring the structure down. No cannibals, or hooligans, or banitos of any kind came and whisked the ladder away, trapping me, as I had considered as options prior to my ascent.
Eventually, I ended up in Gumbalimba Park, some kooky tourist
Road sign.Road sign.Road sign.

This is a great place to go swimming with your backpack on.
place where they will take your picture with a monkey. I obviously want my photo with a monkey. But no at some low budget Disneyland. It was deserted and I eventually popped out at the beach, almost back in West End and with another rickety bridge to cross. Whoops. Well, it was a nice walk.
I made sure I was aware of my surroundings at all times and made sure I looked menacing.

Additional photos below
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Looking down on West Bay.Looking down on West Bay.
Looking down on West Bay.

Honking motorist along the way either mean "get out of the way" or "do you need a ride".
Rickety tower.Rickety tower.
Rickety tower.

Perhaps for watching UFOs. Or sunsets.
Rickety hole. Rickety hole.
Rickety hole.

Where I popped out on top. I now realize why this is not in tourist brochures.
Bridging West End and West Bay.Bridging West End and West Bay.
Bridging West End and West Bay.

Sometimes people get mugged doing this walk. I had my room key in my fist to use in lieu of brass knuckles.
My last sunset in West Bay.My last sunset in West Bay.
My last sunset in West Bay.

Still no green flash.

Sometimes I get lucky and get a good one.

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