Last day of work

Published: April 20th 2007
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Today was Amy's last day at the pediatrics clinic. There was a preemie baby born today in the early morning, around 700 grams. The doctor overnight estimated that the infant was around 20-22 weeks gestation and felt that it was not viable. But when we arrived in labor and delivery to examine the newborns the nurses asked us to look at the baby because she was about 4 hours old and still living. They had called the pediatrician to come in but she hadn't gotten there yet. Basically nothing had been done, except for some blow-by oxygen. Thankfully, she seemed to be doing pretty well. We estimated that she was more like 27-28 weeks. She had a little cyanotic episode, which resolved (we had some difficulty bagging her with a leaky bag and mask, we had to patch the holes with tape!!) Dr. Jackie, the pediatrician arrived and put in a UV line (they use a small feeding tube) so that antibiotics and fluids could be given.

She is in the pediatrics ward now, and hopefully will do okay. They don't have apnea monitors and only check vitals every 8 hours, so hopefully someone will keep a closer eye on her. The smallest baby they have ever had survive in that hospital was 1,000 grams.


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