Photos from Haiti, Central America Caribbean

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The slops
the artist
Beach-breath taking
future leader
Beach- peaceful
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Climbing up to Tisavane
Sunrise over Petit Goave
Reflections and appreciations
Petit Goave
That's how we feel about the last year - it's gone!
Getting back to PaP was a different story all together...
The last "drop" of the year
These kids are ready for 2011!
The last few laughs for the year
Bonne annee!
A feast ensued...
Bringing in the "bacon"
Our local fisherman
Makenzi - "I love the smiles here!"
Aerial view of Port au Prince
Makenle - looking strong!
A familiar sign
Digging through the rubble
Street in Jacmel
Imagine sitting at this table on January 12th!
Jacmel - a beautiful place!
Road block
You looking at me?!
Aid IS getting in!
Putting together our surgical theater
Haitian Dance Troupe
Richard helping a woman who had been dropped on the side of the street
A very common site throughout Port au Prince
We escaped a close one!
Searching for bodies
Unloading cargo
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