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June 25th 2011
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Woke up this morning to eggs, toast with PB, tang-like juice, and the tasty Haitian Coffee. Some of our team members went to another town and had vacation bible study with 60 or so kids. Most of us went to the work sight for more shoveling and buckets.

One of the workers had an I Love Obama hat on. I took a picture and felt it was very interesting.

I came back and had some pop tarts and granola bars. Ethan and I took a nap for about 3 hours.

We then had dinner. It was another form of a boney chicken, yams, red beans and rice, and potatoes.

We then had another devotional by Linda. We also learned words to a hymn called "Sanctuary" that we have to sing in front of a congregation in the morning.

Later that night, we went to a Disco-like place called SKANDALS. It was rather quiet and on the beach front. There is a nice full court basketball area that I was eyeing.
A few of the locals got out and dance. The music was different, so we asked them to put American music on. They put on Beyonce

and Celine Dion. Kissme and Tutu had some beers called Prestige. The rest of us had water. After watching the locals dance very soul train like...we left.

We attempted to watch the US vs. Mexico Gold Cup, but the internet was too slow.

As I sit here and type, I am sweating. I hope I am able to sleep tonight after that long nap.


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