Haiti, an adventure that warms the heart

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April 11th 2007
Published: April 11th 2007
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Haitian Vendor,Haitian Vendor,Haitian Vendor,

This is a very common here, to see vendors carrying their merchandise on their heads as they solicit customers throughout the streets.
Haiti, an adventure that warms the heart.

Everything is good on our end and spring is definitely in the air here in Haiti. The mango tree branches are almost touching the ground, filled with ripening mangos. In one to two weeks time, there will be so many mangos to eat, that every child will have their face covered in mango. Rain is now becoming more frequent and the temperature at high noon is getting hotter and hotter, but the nights are still cool.

Over the Easter weekend, we set sail back to Montrouis to spend this holiday. It was nice to see some of the locals’ familiar faces and we took the opportunity to distribute some many needed articles which we had brought back from Canada. We grinned at one particularly appreciative man as he tried on a pair of sneakers we had purchased for him. He took care to slide plastic bags on his feet to make sure he didn’t dirty his new shoes. Another touching moment was when we gave a pair of reading glasses to a lady, she was so glad that she could now see clearly enough to thread a needle.

A couple weeks ago, back in Grande Goave, we donated a soccer ball to a group of children. We found out yesterday that this ball is used seven days per week, for some 8 to 10 hours per day! We never imagined it could get that much use… It bewilders us to imagine how many feet have come in contact with this ball, and how smiles it has produced. Such a small gift, yet such a large impact!!!! We are even told that children from the neighboring villages make the journey to come and join in these soccer games.

Today the same group of kids showed up on the beach with long faces, as the ball in question has begun to fray and the stitching has come undone. Unfortunately, this is one of only two soccer balls we had brought back with us, and the other has already been reserved for another small needy group of kids. We told them we would try to repair the ball and asked them to return to see us in the morning. Annie is tackling this small rip with a needle and dental floss…. We are sure that the kids will be here soon to

Cocoyer beach, near the city of Miragoane.
reclaim this important soccer ball, and will surely return again in another week or so for some additional repairs. We have NEVER seen a ball get so much play time. We now wish we had brought many more, and of better quality, since their playing fields are on the rough side here (mud and rocks).

As for our Nasse (fish trap), well the good news is it has started to catch some fish, but no lobster for the moment. It makes us happy to see that some fish are going to needing families and, to be honest who cares if we never catch any lobster, it’s not really important, what is important is that we can keep the fish coming in for those who need it most.

We are doing a lot of diving and, up to this moment, we’ve unfortunately not located any sunken Spanish Galleons treasure ships! So the day dreaming will have to go on!!

To share a bit of Creole!!!, here are a few!!!
Kouman ou ye? (How are you?), Ki sa sa ye? (What is that?), Ki kote yo ye? (Where are they?), Se yon bon bagay pou apran kreyol. (It is
Haitian LadyHaitian LadyHaitian Lady

With all due respect, you can see that she has a great Ass!
a good thing to learn Creole.), Mwen tre kontan. (I am very gald.),..

Don’t forget to take a look at Annie’s recipe of the month!!

Annie & Eric
Aboard s/v My Love III
In Haiti
Web site: www.WeBeSailing.com

Additional photos below
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Haitian fried banana vendorHaitian fried banana vendor
Haitian fried banana vendor

You can buy fried banana slices almost anywhere where traffic is found in Haiti. Traffic means stopped cars, therefore customers to solicit. Notice that the basket is an old house fan blade guard.
Fishing Village,Fishing Village,
Fishing Village,

This small picturesque fishing village is isolated on the shore line of Mt Tapion, near the village of Petit Goave.
Fishing Village,Fishing Village,
Fishing Village,

This small picturesque fishing village is isolated on the shore line of Mt Tapion, near the village of Petit Goave.
Fishing Village,Fishing Village,
Fishing Village,

This small picturesque fishing village is isolated on the shore line of Mt Tapion, near the village of Petit Goave.
Haitian Boy, jetski!Haitian Boy, jetski!
Haitian Boy, jetski!

Nothing goes to waste here. Take a close look and you will see that this Haitian boy has converted an old Jet Ski into a small canoe!!

Haitian man, with a flare for Mexican attire!!
Haitian VenderHaitian Vender
Haitian Vender

Selling drinking water in bags, not bottles!
Haitian, CharcoalHaitian, Charcoal
Haitian, Charcoal

Again, a common sight is to see…. Haitians carrying a hundred pound bag of wood charcoal on their heads.
One more!One more!
One more!

As they say here in Haiti….there is always room for one more passenger!

11th April 2007

Mailing address(es)
Annie and Eric: Just wanted to compliment you on your cruising mode. Too many cruisers take and don't give back to the localities. Kudos to you for bringing back needed items from Canada. Why don't you expand this to your friends reading your blog? Post an address for each village and the items most in need. I'm sure that you'll get a good response from the people that have vicariously enjoyed your cruising in Haiti. Ed P.S. See you in the Big Apple.
12th April 2007

God bless you
God bless you and keep up the good work. I was looking at the pictures and I'm happy to look at my people through you. Ever since I discovered this site last month, I’ve been coming back every day for updates. Happy sailing and thank you. Achille.
13th April 2007

hello annie et eric. nice to have news from you. Now, i am close from you, i am in puerto rico. If i have more little time, i like sail to haiti, why not. Je suis content d avoir de tes nouvelles. J ai encore une couple de contrat de skipper a nanny cay, tortola, et j ai mon beneteau 41 a monter au lac.. si tu connais quelqu un qui veut embarquer, fais moi le savoir. Je devrais larguer les amarres vers le 10-12 mai.... bye keep contact serge

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