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December 11th 2006
Published: December 12th 2006
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Sunday December 10th 2006

We spent a great day in Montrouis, during which we had a great day sail with our friends aboard followed by an incredible Creole feast that was prepared for us. Afterward we were driven to Port au Prince which is about 75 kilometers away. We needed to go to Port au Prince to do our Immigration and customs declarations, since we were not able to do them in Saint Nicolas. Not to our surprise, as the officials are not use too seeing pleasure boat cruisers here, which resulted in the paperwork needing to be processed could not be done. We will have to return in the morning.

We stayed over night at Yanick & Leon’s home here in Pelerin, just outside of Port au Prince.

Today (Monday) we drove around and visited Port au Prince with an armed bodyguard (seen in one of our pictures). This was a very different experience for us as we are not used to having to be protected to simply go for a drive. Not the best feeling as you can imagine, but much better that not going out at all, or worse yet, with no protection. As you
Port au PrincePort au PrincePort au Prince

Downtown Port au Prince
drive thought-out Port au Prince, you can see why all the media attention is taking place. You see UN (United Nations) soldiers in armored tanks and jeeps everywhere. Their presence is meant to represent an added security to the city. What a difference with the outer distant villages, so much over population in one city, a city designed for five hundred thousand people, but now populated by well over two million. It is shocking for us to see all the people here, everywhere you look there are people selling something or just standing around. Wall to wall people!!! Not much place to move around, much less drive a car!! It takes “special talent” to drive around here. All major arteries are single lane and most side streets are merely rocky roads to “climb”. The terrain is extremely harsh here…. Good business for tire salesmen!! You ABSOLUTELY need a 4 wheel drive SUV type to get around here. I don’t think Annie’s poor little Saturn would kick much dust here….

Annie & Eric

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UN in Port au PrinceUN in Port au Prince
UN in Port au Prince

United Nations in Port au Prince
Armed BodyguardArmed Bodyguard
Armed Bodyguard

Driving around with an armed bodyguard, something we never have had to do.. but comforting to have in Port au Prince.
Tap TapTap Tap
Tap Tap

Local bus called the Tap Tap! I guess this is what you call the sound your ass makes when you land back in your seat as they drive over these roads!!
Port au Prince, artPort au Prince, art
Port au Prince, art

Local art for sale street side
Port au Prince, artPort au Prince, art
Port au Prince, art

Local art for sale street side

12th December 2006

Whoo armed body guard ..
You must be a VIP ... dont forget to explain to us the wherebuy's of paper work ... héhéhé tank's
13th December 2006

la vie est belle
c super de voir et vivre quelque moment avec vous, nous aimerions etre la aussi mais, nous avons pas toute votre experiences , ca va venir donc entre temp lacher surtout pas vous le meritez bien et nous avons deja hate de vous revoir sur le lac champlain. Un jour nous partirons peut-etre... pour linstant nous revons encore pendant que vous le vivez pleinement...nous pensons a vous et merci pour les bon moment de reve.
13th December 2006

Port au Prince
Aren't we lucky to have Canada as our home??? We take freedom for granted but for lots of others around the world it's a luxury. The weather looks great and I love the art. You should buy some!! Luv ya lots, Fay xxx
16th December 2006

Un frikkin real!
You got balls! Party on dude.
3rd July 2009

its nice there
27th November 2010
Port au Prince, art

Ill appreciate your beautiful photo.

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