Haiti update (stopover in Paris)

Published: September 4th 2010
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August saw Murray back in Haiti to check up on the progress of the relief and reconstruction projects.

“We walk down the long winding slopes of Tom Gato in Leogane town in Haiti. On the way down the steep ridges, there is a clear picture of the effects of the January 12th earthquake. Landslides in the area caused devastation with many schools, homesteads, and buildings being destroyed. After a 30 minute walk we arrive at Darlouse house, a 23 year old mother of two children. The Darlouse family agreed to host one of the 100 child health clubs we started after the earthquake. During an interview Darlouse, shares her views on the importance of the child health clubs for her community “After the earthquake, many children were traumatised, many of them were afraid because a lot was destroyed, my family thought of how best we could help our community. We do not have much, but we thought it would be good to assist by donating the space for children to come learn and play twice a week’. The clubs offer psychosocial support through various recreational activities, as well as useful information on disaster risk reduction-hurricanes and earthquakes- and hygiene promotion. We are also involved with water supply projects, transitional school and household shelter reconstruction projects.” (Murray)

On the way home Murray spent a night in Paris and had a chance to see the sights.

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4th September 2010

such extreme contrasts of culture and wealth/poverty of the 2 areas you went! developing and developed...quite astounding aye!
5th September 2010

just like Christchurch!
The picture of the collapsed house reminds me of what we have seen over the last day or two of the collapsed and damaged buildings from the Christchurch earthquake. And it made me realise how lucky we are to have the infrastructure and resources to deal with disasters ourselves, advantages they do not have in Haiti. ps. The Eiffel tower looks nice too, especially at night.
6th September 2010

Good on you Murray. Obviously good engineering, construction etc makes a massive difference as we see from the contrasting results of the Haiti and Christchurch earthquakes which were of about the same richter scale magnitude I understand. We're hoping to get to Paris after seeing you in Kenya next year, God willing. So it's nice to see those photos de la Tour Eiffel.
8th September 2010

Thanks for the news
Love your shots of Paris
9th September 2010

Haiti !
Great to see you Murray. It is somewhat easier for us to envisage the devastation after our Christ Church event. Although most homes stood thay are repidly being condemend and pulled down. So the city is in a huge mess and many business are at a stand still. However we did not have the loss of life. So the time of the day and better home construction possibly saved that. Truly God was gracious to us. Christian people are acknowledging that. Always good to have an update. Mum.

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