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February 20th 2008
Published: February 20th 2008
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well its been a while since i wrote last so i apolagize for that. ive been kind of lazy and now we only have a few hours wiht one computer for now 11 girls so computer time is less. we have 9 beds in our house and as of tomorw 11 girls....two are sleeping on the balcony
This last weekend was pretty mellow, i whent down to the main house on saterday to work with one of my girls ( she is almost walking!), then sunday we all jsut hung around , whent tanning on the roof.
dont worry i did not burn myface liek last time ive learnt that sunscreen is my new best friend!..hehe
Ive had a few run ins with some giant cokraoches this week! there soo gross looking!. and they like to hang out in our kitchen!
It is now rainy season but has onyl rained two or three times so far, but when it rains it poors!
I am also happy to say i can now stand under the shower to shower!! ahahah that ice cold water was jsut a bit freezing for the first coupel weeks but ive adjusticed..(i cant wait to get home and have hot water!)
Our kids ahve been doing really good and were really getting to know them as times goes on! we brought some music in wiht us tot he toddler house with our kdis there and it was hilarious jsut watching a coupel of our kids dance because there always so shy..(but it only has 6 songs so we got rid of it pretty quickly!) hehe
plans for a last coupel weekends are to hike over to the waterfall, go check out the baptist mission and museum, go to church, do the rice feed, and possibly into petionville one more time
and im realizing as i write this how quikcly time has past! we now only have 2 1/2 weeks left!! what happended to 6 weeks!? homesick is starting to hit us and as much as we do not want to leave we will def be ready to coem home..(and to eat some good food!)
Oh yes here is a funyn story.. eheh so we were walking home last week and me being clumsy as i am ofcourse had a nice wipre out down a gravel hill!..hehe btu as i sat down and ali and meg were busy laughing at me (which is ok because i was laughing too and i woudl ahve laughed at them hehe) two locals came and brushed the dirt off and helped me up ..then i limped the rest ofthe way home to find my knee was swolen twice the size of my knee cap and is now a couple shade of blue purple and orange..ahhaha but it doesnt hurt ( so dont get all worried mother)
actually it has become a daily even for me and ali at least one of us slipps or falls ! ehhe
This evening we had some fun. one of the workers joyce drove home and decided to crank some music form her truck so all teh older kids ( 5 -9 yrs) came running outside to dance and some nannies joined we coulnt pass up the oppertuniy too! lol probably not the best idea since the kids were suppost be getting into bed. but we all had fun
and its pretty late here so i better head off to bed
ill try to keep you all more updated more often

lots of love


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