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February 24th 2010
Published: February 24th 2010
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Hello Everyone,

Grace and I are in the middle of our cruise of the Western Carribean. We´re in Guatemala at an Internet cafe. This is one of the fastest connections I´ve ever had and wish I had it at home. I guess most people aren´t online here. We´re the only two customers in a large room with over 50 computers.

My camera broke yesterday. I didn´t do anything to it and wonder if it is the humidity. It is probably because I dropped it in a puddle on Mardi Gras. I thought I had dried it out, but it won´t turn on now - so no more pictures for a while.

The cruise is rather nice with endless delicious and free food. Every meal has been tasty and we can eat whenever we want and as much as we want. Other people said that they´ve been on cruises where you have to eat at a certain time with the same people for the whole week. We do what we want on board and we´re getting pretty good at shuffle board, ping pong and spades. We´re having a murder mystery dinner tonight on the boat. I will put all of my Clue skills to work.

Yesterday we were in Mexico and I saw some nice coral and fish while snorkeling. A guy took me and a Canadian out in his boat for 1.5 hours for $20. I saw brain coral about 3´ in diameter and coral fans up to 4´ across. Alot of the coral was damaged, but it was a nice excursion into the beautiful aquamarine waters of Mexico.

We´re going to wander some more around Puerto Barrios now.

Have a great day,


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