Sweet Shores of Rio Dulce

Published: August 13th 2008
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Casa PericoCasa PericoCasa Perico

This was my awesome hotel in Rio Dulce.
Okay so I have gotten a bit behind on my blogging. whoops! I have just been all swept up in the amazing sights and adventures of Central America. But here goes, I am at a hostel with free internet so I am determined to get all caught up. I last posted about my time in Copan Ruinas, Honduras and from there I traveled to the northeast of Guatemala to the town of Rio Dulce. I had only planned to stay a day or two but the place was incredible so I just keep putting off leaving. I arrived in Rio Dulce by bus and then took a Lancha to my hotel which is across the cove and in through the Mangrove. It is an awesome little place in the jungle connected by boardwalks and surrounded by nature. There is a restaurant on site and a lounge area. It is a very relaxing atmosphere with board games, darts, a book exchange, and several hammocks strung from tree to tree. I am staying in the dorm which is a loft just above the resaurant. There were alot of people staying there from all over the world and we all had dinner together every
Lofty LivingLofty LivingLofty Living

Here you can see my bed above the restaurant.
night. People would come and go every day but every night ended in great conversation about where we are from, where we have been, and what we have done. During the day I would paddel a dugout canoe through the mangroves out to the little cove off of the main lake to the little floating dock in the middle of the cove. I tied the canoe up to the dock and I spent many lazy afternoons on the dock swimming, sun bathing and reading. It was an awesome time and ended up stayin in Rio Dulce for about five days. I really enjoyed all of the people I met and I continue to find myself absolutly blown away by the incredible beauty of the area.

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Canoeing Through the MangrovesCanoeing Through the Mangroves
Canoeing Through the Mangroves

I felt like a modern day pochahontas... 'just around the river bend'

I think that a bit of the child in me came out on that dock.

16th August 2008

Wow Jen, Rio Dulce looks awesome!! I love your hostel and LOVE the picture of your dugout travelling through the mangroves. It all looks so very exotic! Enjoy the rest of your trip. I'm wondering if you're starting to look forward to coming home. See you soon.
16th August 2008

Yes it is true Rio Dulce was amazing and exotic. Rio Dulce is very high up on my list of favorite places that I have visited. And yes there is part of me that is very excited to come home. I am surely going to miss the amazing surroundings and the slowed pace of life here but I miss the summer days of the Northwest too. I am also looking forward to not living out of a suit case for a little while! I hope that you are having a good summer. I'll see you soon!

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