Lago und Nebaj

Published: August 12th 2008
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A little entry to tell you that:
After Xela we were around Lago de Atitlan. It's a MAJOR touristic location so for us it was quite a SHOCK. Sooooo many tourists, locals pushing to sell you stuff and all the possible restaurant and bars...
But then, as we ate fairly BASIC since we are in Guatemala, we were VERY Happy to eat:
Malaysian Curry
Vegeterian Crepes
Soyamilk Fruit shakes
AND most important of all for Nadja: LATTE MACCHIATO and CAPUCINO's!!!!!

Later on we decided to go to a more relaxed and "authentic" place: San Marcos La Laguna.
But to our big surprise it was not authentic at all. On the contrary, it's some kind of Tourist-Gringo-New age -village.
It's full of Meditation centers, Yoga cources, Moon Cources, Sun Cources, Massage Therapy, etc, etc...
Then on to see Maximom, a local deity (saint). We were welcomed by the host of this saint (it moves every year). And we were kindly allowed to take pictures for a small remunaration. But then, some F**** Gringo, complained to us we were taking pictures and it was not respectfull, and we shaould take more time if we want to do this "proffessionaly", etc... Its unbeleivable how people always need to put in their little comments and complain...

BUT the local did not mind, on the contrary.

So back to Panajachel and then on to Nebaj.

In Nebaj you can find the the most intricate and interesting traditionnal dresses, but there the locals were very cold and unwilling for pictures...
Anyway we did a Trek in the mountains for 2 days and there too we were shouted at and almost hit with wooden sticks by the villagers, they did not want tourists in their village. BUT this is what our guide translated, we're not sure if actually it was not about not liking HIM and not us, who knows...

Soo all this to say that at the moment we're a bit disapointed (refroidi) about the local "indigenas" and also tired of making soo many efforts to document this trip.

Today we are in the most touristic market (second time) in Chichicastenango. We bought plenty of Souvenirs and tommorow we are going to participate at an exhumation. This is a ceremony where they recover bones of people murdered in the massacres of the 80's.

More about this later.

After back to the capital and we hope to be able to spend some more time on the beach before comming back as we NEED a REST.


Frederic und Nadja

PS there is a bug with the Blog so I can't upload more pictures, maybe later...

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