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Spanish Language Schools Guide Yesterday I visited Doña Esperanza (Doña is commonly used substitution for Señora or Mrs. here in Guatemala) with Mario who is one of the teachers of ConeXion Xela. Mario was helping me shop around for a cellphone. We were a bit tired walking around so much and since we were around her house, we decided to pay her a visit. Doña Esperanza welcomed us warmly as usual and we talked about her neighbor and other students in her place. She always has students staying in her home, both foreign and domestic. Majority of them are referred by her previous students and I was the one of them too. It's because she is so sweet and her meals are great too. Many students stay there for months and I guess it's pretty rare ... read more

Well, the school has kept me pretty busy. I study during the day and and then there is some sort of activity in the evening, such as watching a movie in Spanish, going to a museum, going to the baths (I'll explain). The best school activity so far was going to the hot baths about a 20 minute ride on the "chicken bus" (see photo) which was an adventure in itself. The baths are hot volcanic spring water in a rather large tub. I'm not sure how the Mayan people use it, but we put on our swimsuits and used it like a hot tub. It felt wonderful because it´s the only hot water I've been in since the States. I absorbed the heat like a rock in the sun and enjoyed every minute of it. ... read more
The bathhouse
Pretty Scenery
The bus back to Xela

Happy 4th of July! I hope this finds you well. For Independence Day, I've decided to exercise my patriotic duty to be independent and go to another country and learn the language and culture here. I arrived here yesterday and met the family that I am staying with here in Xela (aka Quelzeltenango). Xela is bigger and not as pretty as Antigua, but it has its charms in what you might experience in daily Guatlmalan life. The streets here are narrow and it´s like a maze to get around. It rains hard every day at least for a while and the warmest it gets here is as low as it gets in Austin right now. About half the women are traditionally dressed in Mayan skirts and beautiflully embroidered tops. The school is interesting. For about $120 ... read more
Dulce Sueños

Spanish Language Schools Guide Hi my dear reader! In order to get to know host families for ConeXion Xela, I'm living with one family after another every week. This is the way I've gotten to know many Spanish teachers last year and I'm doing the same with host families now. It's been 5 days living with Morales family and I'm satisfied here. No, they don't have experience of welcoming a foreign student. Actually, I'm their first one. But, what I'd like to see in a host family is their happiness as a family, because I don't think they would be capable of making students feel happy if they are not happy themselves. So, I really liked to see how Allan, the father, was playing with his daughter after lunch and how every member of the family ... read more

Spanish Language Schools Guide Hi my dear reader! There are lots of things that I can write about my daily life in Xela but there is only one real urgent topic: fleas! They've been bugging me a lot and it's getting worse and worse. Now that I counted number of bites on my body, have at least 24 bites. 7 on right hand and arm. 8 on left arm and hand. 3 on neck and face. 6 on legs. They seemed to like me a lot and inviting their friends to try me out. So I'm getting bitten more every day and I have no idea how I got so many of them. It was a few days ago when I found a couple of bites but now I have 24 all over my body. They ... read more

Tja mijn laatste update van Guatemala, wat zal ik zeggen!!!!!!!! Ik zal mijn hoogtepunten van mijn laatste weken in Xela aanhalen. Afgelopen weken heb ik naast mijn normale werkzaamheden, echt mijn laatste dingen afgerond, kwam nog bijna tijd tekort, maar het is allemaal gelukt. Om te beginnen heb ik 35 goede leesboeken voor de kinderen van CEIPA kunnen kopen. Heeft een tijdje geduurd maar heb ze eindelijk gevonden. De kinderen en leerkrachten waren enorm enthousiast, dus donateuren wederom enorm bedankt voor jullie geld. Naast deze boeken heb ik 12 bakken met Lego gekocht voor de kinderen van de daycare Nuevos Horizontas en een wereldkaart voor de Shelter. Ook de lego was een groot succes, heb de kinderen nog nooit zo braaf zien spelen, hoewel braaf. Ze gingen er zo in op dat ze geen enkel ... read more
Zijn zusje!
Je kunt aan de lichaamsbouw zien hoe zwaar het werk is.
De kinderen die helemaal trots zijn op hun nieuwe lego!

geschreven op 19 mei 2005 Hoi allemaal, nou het regenseizoen is hier begonnen hoor. Men wat een regen zeg! Met een beetje geluk begint het in de middag te regenen, maar soms begint het al in de ochtend en gaat het de hele dag door! De straten staan dan totaal blank en zijn moeilijk beloopbaar, doordat er vrij veel water ligt. Heb dus maar een paraplu gekocht en loop nu dagelijks in mijn regenjas. De lucht is de hele dag grijs en het is in een keer een stuk kouder geworden bbbrrrrrrrr! De stroom is al een paar keer uitgevallen, was dus blij dat ik al een paar kaarsjes op mijn kamer had staan. In Xela is de regenval erger dan in de meeste andere plaatsen van Guatemala, dit heeft weer te maken met de ... read more

Return to Xela (Quetzaltenango), Guatemala for more studying....... read more

I really should get more done when I am in these foreign, slightly exotic places. I am in a great town, with ancient buildings, interesting museums, surrounded by giant volcanoes and mountains ripe for being climbed - and as for me? Well, I'd rather get half-cut on the local beer and dream of drunken friday night salsa dancing. What's new pussycat? I have done a couple of 'things' since I got here in Xela, I had a go at teaching local kids English for an hour last Wednesday (although, I got the 3 class clowns who were only interested in me teaching them the words 'bitch' and 'money' -- looking at their teacher I can understand why). Yesterday I had a crack at salsa dancing with an hour-long lesson in a nearby school. I tried ... read more
The streets

And so... I have now been studying Spanish at the school for 2 days, it is one-to-one tuition and I am probably improving a little bit as I go along, at least that´s what I tell myself when I am asleep. I´ve only booked a week in the school so far so we´ll see how it progresses. The teacher I have been allocated for the week is a good laugh - well, in Spanish anyway- she´s about 40-something, quite *fruity and dresses more like a Westerner with short skirts, lots of make-up and risque blouses. I probably will book another week afterall. * you can take ´fruity´ to mean whatever you want. The school put me with a ´family´ aswell, now I say ´family´ in the loosest sense of the term. When they said ´family´ I ... read more
On the menu tonight...

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