Leaving on a jet plane

Published: June 14th 2017
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Geo: 14.6367, -90.5383

Thursday morning, Oct 23, we offered to take Jim and Cheryl E to the airport for their flight back to Uruguay with layovers in El Salvador and Peru. After checking their bags in, we went up to the food court and visited for a while. I was asking them about the South America cruise that goes from Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile under the tip of S America. They gave us some helpful hints. They took this cruise 2 years ago. We said goodbye to them around 11am, and they went through security and customs, and Dad and I went to do some errands downtown Guatemala City. We then were eating lunch at the Oakland Mall food court, when Dad checked him iphone and read an email from Jim. Titled: HELP! Jim had taken his Macbook Pro out of his computer case and had forgotten to pick it up out of the bin. I looked at Glenn and said "Well, kiss that baby good-bye". We immediately drove to the airport and chatted with the security guys and sure enough it was still there.

Long story short, Dad got the computer the next day by 1:30pm. Next, how was Jim going to get his computer back. There were options of mailing it to the states and then mailing back to Uruguay. I offered to take the computer to Uruguay if Jim was willing to pay for the charges.

I left GUA around noon time and had a 8 hour layover at the MIA airport. I watched people as they huddled through the terminal. I made some fone calls too.

I was able to fly business class from MIA to MVD. Sweet. I watched the movie "Draft Day"


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