Crossing into Guatemala and onto Lago Atitlan

Published: December 4th 2007
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After visiting the ruins at Palenque we headed back down to San Cristobal for a night and headed out of mexico, destination Guatemala.

We caught the bus from San Cristobal to Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, and across the border into Guatemala. This was a surprisingly informal affair that took place in the middle of a busy market - it would have been incredibly easy to just stroll on through. After having our passports stamped by the incredibly laid back and friendly border officials we had a 1.5 hour wait for our bus before crossing some incredible mountain and volcano scenery to our current location, Lago Atitlan.

Lago Atitlan is an incredible volcanic lake, ringed by 3 huge volcanoes and numerous indigenous mayan villages. Our plan is to stay here for a couple of weeks studying spanish in one of the lakeside spanish schools. That way we might stand a chance of understanding exactly what the kids are laughing at every time we walk past them.

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4th December 2007

hi hi fryers
hiys folks, nice idea the travel blog, looks like youre off to a flying start, and looking very happy, tricky departure something BOUT YOUr your drains, sheisse! leave it aaaalll behind eh, good, very good, looks beautiful where you are, whens the eta in Oz now? good tale about the vw, go on arnie, have fun beautifuls,, love Rich x
5th December 2007

This was the first one!
This was the first time I managed to log on to this site - but it's really nice to be able to see your photos! Need more, tho! Love to both

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