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After the first few days of pissing around and getting drunk we began to get serious in San Pedro and find ourselves a Spanish school. Following in the footsteps of some of our best friends we sort out the Language hub, signing up for a week we moved into their rooms. Although a fun experience with great people, I smuggled to learn in that environment, there didn't seem to be a structure, planning, end game. Grammar was throw at me left right and centre and after every 4 hour session I would feel exhausted and angry with myself, on top of this I would dread sleeping in our room which smelt of damp and was filled with bugs. All in all it was time to move on. So we found a new school moved into a ... read more

Crossing the border from Mexico to Guatemala was an experience! The plan on arriving in San Cristobal was book a bus to the border and work it out from there. After the ease of traveling around Mexico I guess I didn't figure that the border town in Guatemala wouldn't have a ticket office or information at the bus station, luckily a chicken bus was about to leave when we arrived, without a clear destination or even a clear understanding of the destination of the bus we embarked on a journey that would cover 160km in 6hrs on two buses to arrive at 10pm at a bus 'station' (i.e just a bunch of buses parked just outside town) as we disembarked the bus one of the four schechy men turned the overhead lights off, we asked ... read more

Lake Atitlan is a beautiful lake around 3 hours from Antigua, it is surrounded by both hills, volcanoes and little villages. We arrived on the chicken bus from Antigua into the largest (Panachanel (Pana)) but stayed in San Pedro la Laguna which is about half an hour boat ride from Pana. This is the social spot on the lake and has lots of bars and hostels and is right next to the inactive San Pedro volcano (3020m). This was a good hike for which we started at 5.30am and wondered up through avocado and coffee plantations until we got to forest and then made the final ascent to the top. Unfortunately, it. Was cloudy so there wasn't much to see other than the fact we were above and being engulfed by the cloud. Either way it ... read more

When we arrived in San Pedro we spent the first day relaxing and nursing our freshly blistered feet. We didn't have anything we needed to do, so we didn't. The second day we were excitedly waiting for Ryan who was making an impromptu trip to Guatemala for a visit. He'd been delayed and we didn't really have any way to contact him but we just wandered around town and found the Spanish school that we would be attending. All along the water front is very touristy: loads of restaurants, bars, and souvenir/textile shops. As we climbed the hill to the town centre you get a much more local vibe with the market and Catholic Church. Apparently the locals call the center of town 'San Pedro', while the water front and touristy area is referred to as ... read more

We found food in San Pedro to be very reasonably priced. There are definitely a full range of prices to be had but we were very satisfied with the fare in the 30GTQ to 60GTQ price range, less for the street vendors. A couple of our favourite places were 'Idea Connections' (on the way to the Santiago dock) near our Spanish school where Ashley ate drool inducing pan au chocolates everyday during the school break, and 'd'Juice Girls' which made a huge variety of licuados, smoothies, and juices for on the cheap (and they were the size of a fishbowl). Friday nights we hit up Hostel Fe for quiz nights and for the week that we were in school we would partake in 'Conversation Club' at our school in the evenings for 45min. Spanish School was ... read more
Creepy Trees
One house
Our Spanish School

Our second day here at the lake. Having lots of fun exploring and walking around. Went up to the main market area this morning for some Arroz De Leche (rice milk) for breakfast. The last time I was here there were not so many cars but now seems there are so many Tuk Tuks and personal cars it is hard to walk on the road without almost getting run over. The people here are still so friendly even after being invaded with back pack travelers. They must think some are quite strange with their white skin and long hair dreads. Gla we are staying where we are which is off the beaten path and I do mean path, so nice they paved it, for so many years it was just a dirt path. Most of the ... read more
Fishing on the lake
Can't get enough of this iew!
The Volcan we are sitting at the base of

Dear San Pedro La Laguna, In two days' we will be leaving you for a short time to visit Mexico. We will embark on this journey via Chicken Bus and will most likely be on a series of buses, facing certain dangers and more than likely, some very disgusting and/or disturbing images as we go. While we truly enjoy eating fresh coconuts and papas fritas from tiny brown bags sold on the buses by vendors for 5 Q's, we really don't enjoy seeing people with missing limbs or eyeballs. Also, we can do without many of the smells we smell on the bus. But we will enjoy the on-board movies, music videos in Spanish and English and the crazy conversations we sometimes have with the Indigenous people. We will leave behind our most prized possessions for ... read more

(Note...definitely scroll to the bottom for some amazing photos) On Day 3, Wednesday, I explored more of Antigua with the two English and Denver guys from the hostel. They were a fun group to hang out with, and we visited a museum and a few ruins. I was going to book my trip to hike Volcano Acatenango, but unfortunately they changed the schedule and would be leaving Saturday instead of Friday. I did not want to wait around for a couple more days and lose my precious time, so I decided that I would move to my next destination the following day. At night, I went out with some guys from the hostel for dinner and then to a bar which was of course filled with gringos. It still is surreal to me to be in ... read more

'Paradise' is such a fleeting concept, no? Five days ago, we arrived in San Pedro and considered never leaving. Tomorrow morning, we leave at sunrise. A lot can happen in five days, I'll try to recount the highlights and explain our change of heart. Let's start with the positives - we've had a great time in San Pedro, met a couple interesting folk, and enjoyed our beautiful apartment (including the hammock I am currently sitting on as I type, see photo). Sara really enjoyed her Spanish classes and learned a lot in just a week. Muchas gracias a la maestra se llama Cecilia en La Cooperativa (Much thanks to the teacher named Cecilia in La Cooperativa, the cooperatively run spanish language school that we highly recommend). We've enjoyed the view of the lake although have not ... read more
My Work Station with a View
Drying coffee beans
Avocados growing next to the road

Not to start off this blog post bragging - but with 20(ish) countries under our belt, Sara and I might be getting a hang of this traveling thing. Within 24 hours in Guatemala, we'd made it to our destination - a sweet hippie-infested town called San Pedro la Laguna on the beautiful Lake Atitlan, signed Sara up for her first week of spanish classes, and secured ourselves an amazing apartment with wifi, a kitchen, warm water shower AND a balcony with a hammock in view of the lake. How did we get here? Well... Before I start - I apologize for the photos being out of alignment with the blog, thats just how this site works. Sara's sister Fay dropped us off at LGA airport at 4am for our 6am flight - it was terrible timing ... read more
Turquoise + Purple Painted Truck, Sweet
Random Wall

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