Published: February 11th 2012
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A quick breakfast and onto the vans with Clara heading to Panamaquim and the School. The views as we drove through the mountians were just amazing. The volcano Santa Maria was a highlight in the distance as the clouds surrounded it.

The village and the school were waiting for us, with the yearly celebration. I found it interesting to see the children two years later and to observe the difference the nutrition program has made for them. Miguel was there in his wheel chair with his mother, both with great smiles. After much celebration and dancing we were served a lunch of egg and beans, very similar to what the children have been receiving through the chicken house program. We saw the chicken house full of chickens they all looked healthy and are laying eggs at a rate of about 90 eggs a day. the gifts we had brought for the school were given out and the teachers and children were very happy, after which the children took the soccer balls and foot ball outside to play with. Some of us walked about the village as others played with children. We saw a loom in one home and 3 other looms in another, they were loaded with warp threads and had quite a bit of fabric already rolled up. The colours were fantastic.

the ride home was much like the ride to the village very scenic. Clara took us by a wonderful bakery and chocolate shop where we were able to purchase donuts and hot chocolate. From there to the hotel was a short ride and we sat in the lobby relaxing before dinner.

Maria was here selling her fabric and we managed to connect her with my mother over Skype and she sold her a piece lovely blue scarf for the equivalent of about $12.00. all in all a fun experiance.

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11th February 2012

You'll have to set Maria up on Facebook so that she can do some online marketing and sales. Sounds like she's good at it already. Enjoying your blog. Take Care, Rita
11th February 2012

what a great account
Nancy, you write so well and capture each day. I can feel the road and picture the views as you travel through each day. The photos are terrific. Welcomed news of Miguel and the change his wheelchair has made to his and his mom's life in rough terrain of Panamaquim. The community seems to be flourishing in spite of the strenuous odds. What a 'never forget' two week experience for your niece. Bety must have touched many people during her short life. So very sad. I thought the memorial was planned for the 16th? I can only imagine your digs in Xela. A photo or two would be great. Clean room, fresh towels and soap on returning after the day's work. Wow, that's deluxe. Jackie starts his stem cell collection in earnest on the 23rd of Feb. We are preparing, trying to think ahead to what will be needed when he's 'out of sorts'. But life goes on with the normal every day stuff too ... at least for the next while. It's cold here now but we've had some milder days. No heavy snowfalls lately. Please say hi to the gang from us. And thanks for this blog. Stay safe and healthy. Joni

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