Published: April 16th 2014
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Our Arrival

The bus stops opposite the tourist information office on Calle Principal in the town. You can walk to your accomodation from there.

Where We Stayed

Hospedaje Zulema - on Calle Rancho Grande near Calle 14 De Febrero opposite Hotel Jere. Q100 for a double room with shared bathroom. Good wifi and a bit of a balcony.

What We Did

The weather was very overcast whilst we were here with limited views of the volcano on the lake. Therefore we didn't do any boat trips just walked around town and did a bit of shopping.

Where We Ate

At the lake end of Calle Rancho Grande are food stalls with your usual chicken and tortillas etc for Q12.

At night food stalls set up down Calle Santander.

We had ate in the market for Q16 and not a great meal.

There is a supermarket between Calle Rancho Grande and Calle Principal.

Shops sell litre beers of Brahva for Q8 with a Q2 deposit for the bottle. People drink walking around the street and roaming vendors sell cans of Brahva by the lake.

You can buy a small bottle of the local sugarcane drink Quezalteca for Q8-10 in the corner stores. The tamarindo flavour is nicest.

Where We Went Next

We caught the direct bus back to Antigua from in front of the tourist information. The tourist information told us the bus left at 11am but it arrived at 10:35am, left at 10:40am and cost Q35(1Q less than the journey there). The bus driver drove like a maniac on the way back. I think he wanted to get partying for Semana Santa. People were flying everywhere, seats came off and a kid was sick whilst he was careering down the mountain roads. Just before Chimaltenango the conductor informed us that the bus was going direct to Guatemala City and we would need to change buses in Chimaltenango. He refunded us Q5 and dropped us off at the cross roads under the fly over at 12:45pm. Due to the time of year lots of people were waiting to go to Antingua. We were advised to walk to the bus station as the buses coming passed were jammed. The bus stop for Antigua is a couple of blocks into town, just to the left, opposite the supermarket on the left. The crowded bus left there are 1:05pm, cost Q5 and arrived at 1:50pm in the bus station behind the market in Antigua.


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