Published: January 12th 2012
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Weaving cooperativeWeaving cooperativeWeaving cooperative

women weave, woman power
Lago de AtitlanFourth time lucky we found a hostel with space. We were so glad of finding somewhere to stay we barely noticed the springs sticking out of the mattress, lack of seats that weren't reed mats and the lack of loo roll. Everyone at the hostel was celebrating Hanuka as we arrived and it would have been rude to not get involved. Lit Menorahs, listened to music + singing and tried some Jewish food. Culturally interesting, even if it wasn't remotely Guatemalan. Next day we tried in vain to find a different hostel. We faced the fact that we were stuck at hippy central for new years. We weren't particularly big fans of the other guests in the hostel who had the mentality of 15 year old kids in school despite being older than us.

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bloody lovely to be fair
/>To see in the new year we sat on a balcony, and shared a bottle of wine whilst looking at the stars and conversing. Didn't fancy socialising with the schoolies, however we did join in at 12 when they returned from the bars to light candles, read poetry and welcome the new year at the lakeside. Very spiritual.Saw in new years day with a half bottle of wine hangover. Couldn't face life so we found a british pub, ordered jacket potatoes and yorkshire tea, and watched films. Not the healthy start to the year we'd hoped for but we were true to our roots.The lake itself was gorgeous. Set next to volcanoes and mountains it was a lovely place to explore. The most efficient way to explore was by boat which was always fun as the

fave thing about Guatemala was the clothes
waves picked up in the afternoon. Found some lovely treats in the towns, like Pedro the shoemaker: a 4ft tall friendly chap who custom made us some pocahontas boots. Atitlan is also home to a womens weaving cooperative, producing fairtrade and naturally dyed products. Emily became a bit obsessed with these and is now laden with a hammock produced by the women.Lago was lovely, but we need a wash.At the moment were in Xela. Not much happened here, just preparing to leave for Mexico. The cold shocked Spruce so she went shopping for warm clothes and returned looking like a 70s canadian bear hunter. At least she's warm.Mexico.x


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