Semuc Champe

Published: March 3rd 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Somethings are just hard to get and worth not to give up. Semuc Champe was one of them. After about two days of travelling, I got there at the back of a truck while looking at the amazing rain forests on the mountains which I don't have a name for it.
It is hard to say if the mountains are built of the threes or the jungle is because of the mountains. I hope you get my point ... !!!! If not, let me know so I can improve my english 😊
This place is famous for its vally with steep walls. Beside Finca Tatin, it has been one the most humid places I have seen so far. It rains most of the nights (at least it was raining the nights I was there) which makes the days with clear sky and wunderful smell. The smell of flura and cacao is almost everywhere. Try the cacao fruit, one of the most deliciouse and sweetest tastes I have had (you just suck on the seed, the actual cacao is inside the seed and has very dry and unusual taste)
If you are interested to meet the monkeys, this place could be a perfect one for you. Well I am not really familar with their various races, so I would not be able to tell you which kind you will be seeing. If you dont't like the jungle life, there is the oppurtunity to stay in Lanquin, which is less than 10 km away.


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