Lost in Guatemala

Published: January 8th 2009
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So missing a turn in Guatemala seems to equate to driving 100 miles on a dirt road for five hours. Good times, but well worth it. After a top three worst driving days we founf ourselves in an amazing place, Lanquin. The pictures really don't do this place justice and we happen to hit this spot called Semuc Champey on a beautiful day in between rain. It is a rain forest I guess. There's a river flowing under this huge limestone bridge and the little water that flows on top creates a bunch of greenish-blue pools. After checking out this area we found a cool spot to camp at this seemingly backpackers resort called El Retiro. Seemed like a really popular place. The next morning we hit another set of caves which blew the ones in Flores away. 20 times sketchier, we walked, crawled, climbed, slipped, and whichever other way you can get from one point to another for at least an hour till we found a huge room where the caves continued. We couldn't go any further because I'm pretty sure ropes and some other serious gear would be necessary. For the two hours? we were in there, we didn't see a single other person and came out completely filthy. Oh and I saw the biggest spider I've ever seen which still haunts my dreams. There were bats too. As we walked these caves became hotter and more humid. It must have been 100+ degrees with 100% humidity. We were drenched. Chek this place out if you can.

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