Published: December 15th 2008
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YYYYYEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! im in a town called lanquin. its very close to Semuc Champey, apparntly one of the most beautiful places in central america, and posibly the world. ill be sure to post pics. did u see i finally managed to put some up of lake atitlan?
right now im stayinhg in a hostel compound type thing with bungalows and the like called el retiro right on a river!!!! we're in a really remote valley in the middle of guatemala and the place i absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!!! and guess what??? i was offered work here on the second day i got here!!!!!! and ive only been here 3 nights!!!!!! i spoke with the restaurant/bar manager (a dutch guy who been here for 2 years called dennis) and told him that i was heading into mexico but i would be back, possibly in up to 4 months, and he said it wopuld be no problem. he offered m,e work for a month and a half to two to help them out w the kitchen and give them some new recipe ideas. they do a nightly buffet that is actually reall good and set up well so i wont have to make that many changes. i would work 4 or 5 days a week (my choice) and would gain 55 Quetzales (the local currency, its 5.5 euros...) a shift, but get free board and 3 meals a day, even when im off!!! ill have to send u pics, this place is breathtaking!!!!!!!! apart from liuterally being in paradise it is also a great job opportunity bc this place has a paragraph in the central american lonely planet (p'robably the worlds most well known guide book..) so its a good place to have worked in. plus they do theme buffet 6 days a week and are miossiung one so he said what we could do i i work 5 days a week but one of those could be menu development!!!! Plus i inquired about work in antigua (which is very similar to oaxacva, tipo old colonial, artsy, nice restaurants, etc) and was offered work there too!!!!!
i met 2 REALLY great guys that im trtaveling with right now. Robin is a 6 foot tall black guys with fdreadlocks from munich, and Tom is a british guy whos really good at guitar. there are fotos up on my blog of us. i met them in san pedro la laguna about 3 weeks ago and we are now possibly thinking of buying a cheap car and driving down together!!!!! im actually starting to rethink cuba and jamaica. it will cost a lot to travelo to and form, and there are also problems such as u cant buy a one way ticket into cuba. so im probably gonna go up to yucatan, work in the danzantes in playa del carmen, then head south thru chiapas. i was supposed to pend chirstmas w my friend from mexico city but i still havent received the itinerary theyre on so i really dont know. im heading up to the m,ayan ruins of tikal and el mirador so i guess ill be in the jungle on christmas!!!! el mirador is a 5 day trek thru the jungle (2 to go, and 2 back with one night there) and ive been told by everyone thats been there that its one of the best things theyve ever done!!!!


16th December 2008

oi oiiiiii!!!
sounds mental!!! xmas in the jungle???!!! trust u to do something like that...sounds wicked, I'm so pleased it's going really well for u, even though I can never keep up with all your travels and ur adventures... the pics r amazing, good to hear ur making friends, make much money on the poker night??? :p enjoy ur time off mi raccomando, and take care of yourself mate!! aiight? loads of hugs and kisses xxx

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