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First time washing stuff in a pila. Not easy..especially when it's sheets you're washing.
I feel like I've already been slacking when it comes to writing these blogs. But, that's only because I'm too busy writing a million other things to actually write something I want to write. Work has been really, really busy. Tuesday my day lasted 8 hours in class, plus another 7 planning. Wednesday 8 hours in class and add in another 8 hours of planning and by then I couldn't care less about writing a blog. But then came Friday and all was right with the world again.

Things with work are going really good. Even though I've been crazy busy, I think it's like that for everyone at the beginning of the year. So far, the school is incredible. I adore the staff and I love how small and cozy the atmosphere is. It's a really nice change. Having only eight kids in my class is pretty sweet too. My students are quiet and do their work with no hassles. They have been really great to teach. Also, the school is very generous with their compliments, which is always nice. It's good to know when you're doing something they like, it's nice to be appreciated. They've been telling me

Jacklyn very happy after our hour long battle with the water jug.
how great my lesson plans are and how happy they are. It's a nice feeling to know that I'm good at something. Especially something I really want to be good at.

One thing I was pissed off about though, is that I straight up told the school I didn't want was extra classes at night. But, now that they're down to one full time language teacher, there was apparently no other option. I guess I had gotten my point across because the manager of the language school approached me as if I were going to kill her. Once I found out that the classes were on Mondays and Wednesdays though, I put the knife away. There is absolutely no way they will get me there on a Saturday. I don't care if they promised me all the money and diamonds in the world. I would still have no choice but to turn them down because I'm guessing killing people is illegal and that's exactly what would happen. I would kill students and staff alike. I let her know once again that there was no way in hell they would get a Saturday out of me and she just smiled

The hour long battle that I nearly lost my finger in. Luckily, I'm only missing a chunk of it now.
and said she knew that already. So, at least we're clear.

Do you know what you get when you have two priests and two kids? You have my class! I never get tired of saying that. Until today it was only supposed ot be two priests and a kid, instead of two, but I think it's still funny.

I had my first Pre-Intermediate class today after school and, as it turns out, I loved it! Seriously. Amazing class. I'm wondering what I've been doing teaching kids all this time. Adults are hilarious, even when they're priests. The hour and a half flew by and it didn't even feel like work. So, I'm going to keep my class. Plus, those two classes a week, pay my whole rent. Which leaves me with 350 bucks to splurge on food and travel. Sweet.

I know this entry is mostly about school. I can't help it. That's where I've spent the majority of my time for the last week. I've either been working, eating or sleeping. Sometimes I do two of the three at the same time. It's been an exhausting but great week. Coban has grown on me quickly and

The road leading up to the church.
I really like it here now.

This past weekend was a blast! Friday night Rachel called Jacklyn and I up and told us to head over to the pool hall to have some drinks. It was fun. I met a bunch of new people, which is always nice. Except, I'm starting to have serious problems remembering everyone's names. Just this past weekend, I must've met/partied with at least 30 new people. Some of whom, were at my apartment Friday night. After the pool hall we were just planning on heading home and having a few drinks. But, that's not what happened. Instead, a party just kind of happened. Don't ask how, cause I'm still not sure myself. All I know is that a few people walked us back because it was kind've late and then a few friends called and somehow it turned into a pretty big party. It was fun. Well, for Jacklyn and I it was. For Emily, who works at 7am on Saturday, probably not as fun. She was having a good time, until about 3 in the morning when she realized she was going to get no sleep at all. Either way, all's well that

Jacklyn and I on our way up the stairs.
ends well. It was a good night, but no more Friday night parties for a while. At least I hope. I don't want the neighbours to get mad at us, seeing as it's been two Friday's in a row. So maybe next week, we'll take the party somewhere else. As if I wouldn't do anything on a Friday. Who am I kidding?

Saturday morning I got up way too early for my own liking. I wanted to sleep in, but that just wasn't in the cards for me at all this weekend. Instead, Jacklyn and I went to the cheap porn restaurant for breakfast. Best 10 qs I ever spent. Unfortunately, no pron this time around. Just Bruce Almighty. Not even half as entertaining.

Pretty much the rest of my Saturday was spent walking around. Walking for 6 hours straight, actually. Just checking out the city, grabbing some groceries, thanks to my lovely Mom back home who sent me 60 bucks. If she hadn't, I'd be starving at the moment. I had absolutely no money to my name. Stupid banks wouldn't change over my Canadian money. Instead, they just looked at me like I was from a whole

The view from halfway up the stairs.
other planet and not just a different country.

Sunday, I woke up at about 7 int he morning, and again I was pissed about that. But, it ended up being really good. Jacklyn and I checked out the church that is a few blocks from our apartment and took a bunch of pictures. We went for a quick hike through the nature trails too. There's a lagoon near the trails and I recently learned that someone, god only knows who, but someone donated one crocodile to the nature reserve. Who in their right mind donates one sad, lonely crocodile to a lagoon in Coban, Guatemala? Either way, I didn't get close enough to check him out. Thought my adventure with the snake in Central Parque was enough for me and my new found nature enthusiast hobby.

It wasn't all that bad actually, just some random guy holding a bag and talking really loud to draw a crowd. It worked. It got me there. There I was trying to follow what he was saying and then all of a sudden there was huge, incredibly huge, snake. Just chilling a few feet from me. Not that I'm afraid of snakes,

More pics of the view.
I just think that they need to be a little further away from me, to be okay. Not, two feet away, while some drunk guy explains what he likes to eat and how he gets his meals...because we all know how that ends. One less Janet, or one less drunk in the world.

When Jacklyn and I were walking around the old church, I noticed a bunch of different altars. All of them sacrificing different things. One has coins burning and a picture of Mary and the other had different parts of animals and trees. I wanted to take more pictures, but it felt a little wrong and so I only took the two when nobody was watching. Something just didn't feel right about taking pictures of sacrifices. So hopefully, just the two will give you some sort of idea.

They also had a few graves by the church which was kind of cool. I really like the colourful stones. I knwo that my Mom would love this one place that's about a half an hour from my place. It has hundreds of colourful grave stones. They're everywhere. It's a really cool place to go actually.


Half way up the stairs, looking back down.
thing that still shocks me is that they have a track here. A track for running...and people actually use it. I haven't gone running, but I have gone power walking on it. It's really quite nice there. I grab my iPod and hit the track for an hour. It's nice to clear my head and walk, without worrying about being run over by a car for a change.

The track surrounds a pretty nice stadium that the local futbol team plays on. I went to a game there on Sunday afternoon and it was awesome. Load and eventful just like you can imagine it would be here in Guatemala. They don't mess around when it comes to their local team, that's for sure. It's so nice that everything is so close to my apartment. The trails, the track, my work. Oh, wait. That's right. I live in Coban, where everything is close.

I am putting the pictures up here of the trails and the church in case some of you haven't seen them. My Facebook account has been all jacked up the last couple of days and it keeps saying I didn't add any pictures. Anyways, here are

And again.
the pics. Hopefully this week won't be so busy and I will actually have something besides work to talk about 😊

Additional photos below
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More pics of the view from near the church.

You can see our apartment building..even our kitchen window from up there. You can pretty much see all of Coban actually.

The mountains are kind of hard to see off in the distance...but the whole thing was just beautiful.

Looking up at one of the altars.

Two of the grave sites.

26th January 2010

Janet anything you write about is interesting!! Never a boring blog from you so keep them coming!!! Miss you love you!!!
26th January 2010

I think if anyone should have a blog..it should be you. Those crazy kids crack me up all the time ;)
29th January 2010

Thanks for thinking of me this week, You know I love a cemetary..hope you can take a pic or to for me. I told you adults were fun to teach, they have the funniest way of conjugating verbs.I am happying.
29th January 2010

Of course I was thinking of you! I did manage to take a couple pics of gravestones. They may be near the end of the pics. You know that there are arrows to get to more right? haha. I actually really enjoy my adult class. they are hilarious. And yes, sometimes they make me happying..just as I hope they are happying to be there lol.
31st January 2010

Thanks for sharing your blog Janet!! I love reading about your adventures!! Stay safe and I can't wait until the next one!!
31st January 2010

Thanks Amanda :D
31st January 2010

Peaceful and pleasant
You sound like you're really getting into your groove and the school seems really supportive of you there. That's great! Quite peaceful and pleasant I have to say... without all the bureaucracy bs... that's awesome-- it looks beautiful as well. Miss you love ya
1st February 2010

Yes, actually things are going really, really good. I'm really enjoying my time here...but don't worry...I still miss you!
1st February 2010

Wow nice pics...you want a work out all you have to do is those steps to the church everyday and that would be a work out in itself...mind you I sure as hell wouldn't be able to do it! LOL So you teach 2 priests...and what is it that you are teaching them English? I have a short memory you probably already told us in a previous blog. I see that Partying Janet is back in the flow of things. Party on girl!
9th February 2010

I absolutely adore my night class students. but, I do find it finally the mix of students I have. I'm not sure why they're learning Engllish. Probably to add to the other languages they know. They do know Italian, Q'echi and Spanish and now quite a bit of English...got me beat by a mile!

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