Tikal Mayan Ruins

Published: August 19th 2017
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Tikal is the home of a Mayan civilisation. It was once a city with temples, pyramids, streets and houses built by the ancient Mayans (you may remember their calendar from popular apocalyptic films such as 2012 and Apocalypto).

I was picked up from my hostel at 4:30am and we got to the park at 6. There were 2 tour guides, one doing a Spanish tour and one doing an English. The English tour group had so many people in it, over 25, whereas the the Spanish language tour only had 6 people so we (Me and Laurenz) opted for that one instead. Guatemalans speak slowly and clearly and this is one of the Spanish speaking countries I understand the most out of all! The Mexicans decided they didn't want a tour and explored by  themselves.

I learnt so much about Mayan history and culture. The importance of the points of the compass, the dates of the year, equinoxes, sunsets and sunrises. The temples had been built deliberately to make sure they were in line with each other and with the sunrises and sunsets on specific days of the year.

I saw loads of wildlife - toucans, monkeys, tarantulas (I stroked it!), iguanas and parrots. We heard the howler monkeys in the background and apparently their scream is what was used to make the dinosaur roars in the Jurassic Park films. I also found out parts of some of the Star Wars films were filmed from the top of Temple IV (the highest temple).

Rather than try to describe all of the temples I have just captioned the photos.

Additional photos below
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19th August 2017

Why did you stroke a tarantula? Of all the reckless things you could do!

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