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Published: June 13th 2008
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Hi All
So after the BIG rains and Hurricane we went to see the great pyramids of Tikal and did a 7 day Trek in the Jungle, where we also saw loads of ruins.
Now I have to tell you something Technical. We can only post pictures taken with the small camera, so you[ll see loads of jungle but not many pyramids, they are in the other camera!
Anyway the trek was WOAW, though.
We had a lot of: Mud, Mud, Mud, Mosquitoes, Ticks, scorpions, cockroaches, Tarentula, birds, Toucan, Froggs, toads, monkeys, rain, pyramids, heat, humidity, mold, smelly clothes
We had none of: Comfort, Vegetables and Fruits, real showers, hotels, fan, beds,

But it was great, we had some magical, strange experiences too: We saw 2 pumas although they are never together, we went through a swamps that disapeared a couple of hours later as other people did not see it, we lost our way for 1 hour coming down from a pyramid (with our very experienced guide) and as we retraced our steps, the correct way reappeared on a spot we past before. But it was not there before... and on top of all it was on the wrong side from where we where coming!

Anyway there is too much to write and we have to get on, so I'll post some pictures, they'll speak for themselves.


Frederic + Nadja

PS: our clothes are washed and dry now so we are going to new 'secret' adventures, you'll know when we'll be back.

Additional photos below
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13th June 2008

Amazing pictures
Amazing pictures my friend... I'm going to enjoy my hot bath later this evening ;-) till soonnnnnnnnnnnn! Aaaaaaaah!!! Groetjes en't allerbeste... geniet er nog van en vele foto'kes amken he! Grtz Jef
14th June 2008

Mmmmh, troublant cette histoire... Peut-être les esprits sauvages de la jungle. Ou pire: les anciens rois Mayas que vous avez réveillés. Bouuuuuh
15th June 2008

You both are so brave, I'm happy to read that you're out of the jungle and safe! I would have died after the first spider in my tent (not even a tarentula), and I don't mention the absence of chocolate!! Bisous!
17th June 2008

Well, don't worry we sorted out the chocolate situation. I brought a bit with me: 5kg!!!! Well, also to give as presents to Nadja's colleugues and friends...

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