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The border crossing was easy, we had to pay US 20$ to exit Belize, get a new stamp and enter the country. There, they told us the bus would be the same as a taxi to our first destination “La Isla de Flores”. We did not really want to believe it, but hey…there was really no other option. Accompanied by Autumn and her friend Kati we took the taxi, arrived at the hostel “Dosamigos” and organized our trip to “El Mirador”, which was highly recommended by our friend Kika. US 250$ is a lot of money, but it sounded worth the trip. While getting money from the ATM, someone offered the same trip for US 210$. While definitely a difference we had already booked the trip and were kind of stuck, but Antonia was able to ... read more
On the way...
Pyramid El Leon, to big to get it in one photo!
On top of "La Danta" - forest, as far as you can see.

I leapt back with leg muscles all aquiver whilst a less than manly sound escaped from my rapidly constricting throat. In the black of night, this shape was darker than shadow. An enormous, bulbous body skittered past my right foot and by all ten of my toes. I had come within a centimetre of stepping on the biggest tarantula my eyes had ever seen. Such are the perils of leaving your tent to relieve yourself during the dead of night in the wilds of Guatemala. We were in the uninhabited far north of the country, with Mexico a handful of kilometres away. We had trekked to the largest of all the ancient Mayan cities, known today as El Mirador, where the tallest pyramid they ever constructed still stands. From atop these structures, the flat surrounds seem ... read more
Wild Turkeys in Guatemala are actually pretty damn cool!
My muddy leg at the end of Day 1. The following four days were the same.
Fresh jaguar print!

Mayan ruins are amazing! I spent 5 days hiking to and from El Mirador in Northern Guatemala. I started in FLores wich is a small little island town on the edge of a lake. Flores is total chill, I spent my days swimming in the lake and reading in hammocks. On my second day day there I left for a 5 day adventure to see the tallest Mayan Pyramid yet discovered(72 meters tall!). With 3 friends ( 2 Dutch and 1 German) that I met in Lanquin we headed to FLores to arrange out trip. THe tour operator said we needed at least 6 people to get a lower price to we picked up 2 Austrilans and were ready to go the next morning. While waiting for our bus we found that there was another ... read more
Welcome to the jungle, now let me hear you scream!
burial chamber

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