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Thurs 15 November - Day 20 - Rio Dulce Up for a 6am departure, we drove in a minivan on to the river town of Rio Dulce where we overnight in Hotel Catamaran cabins right on the water. At the end of the 3 ½ hour drive through small-holdings farm country and coming across small villages on the way, we arrived at the little harbour and our group boarded 2 boats, both with 115hp outboard motors with a canopy. The weather was clearing with only high clouds remaining. We were hope for good weather. The boat trip to our accommodation took only 15 minutes where we unloaded our luggage and stored them in the bar/reception area. Within 30 minutes we started our boat tour along the 23 kilometre stretch of waterway to Livingston which allowed us ... read more
Catamaran Hotel near Rio Dulce Guatemala - Sunset (3)
Bay of Amatique -Caribbean - at mouth of Rio Dulce Guatemala - Castle protecting the mouth of the river (6)
Catamaran Hotel near Rio Dulce Guatemala - Sunset (1)

After a very bad 4 hours bus ride from Flores, without AC or a WC in the bus and only 1 toilet stop, we finally arrived to Río Dulce. There we took a taxi boat to our hostel (Dreamcatchers Eco Lodge), which is situated quite far from the mainland. We loved the place on first sight ! It was a beautiful open hostel in the middle of nature, just on the river bank, monkeys and birds everywhere around. :-D Anja and me took a flying tent and Skander a bed in the dorms. The hostel is open, you’re always sitting outside and you can always enjoy the beautiful nature there. The owner, Liesel, was really nice and welcoming, just as her staff. They have a really good restaurant there and the food is just amazing. After ... read more

Nach einer sehr schlechten 4-stündigen Fahrt von Flores, ohne Klimaanlage oder WC im Bus und mit nur einem kurzen Stop, sind wir endlich in Río Dulce angekommen. Dort haben wir ein Taxiboot zu unserem Hotstel (Dreamcatchers Eco Lodge) genommen, das relativ weit entfernt vom eigentlichen Ort Río Dulce liegt. Wir haben uns auf den ersten Blick in dieses Hostel verliebt ! Es war ein sehr schönes, offenes Hostel inmitten der Natur, sofort am Fluss, überall rundherum Affen und Vögel. :-D Anja und ich haben ein fliegendes Zelt genommen und Skander ist in den offenen Schlafsaal gegangen. Das Hostel ist offen, d.h. es hat eigentlich keine Wände, man sitzt also immer draußen und man kann den ganzen Tag die wundervolle Natur dort genießen. Die Besitzerin, Liesel, war sehr nett und gastfreundlich, genau wie ihr Personal. Sie haben ... read more

Have a couple of boat rides today into Belize. Promise I will write more when we have a bit more reliable internet. ... read more
Rio Dulce Guatemala
Ready steady jump

On Friday morning, I woke up in my little jungle bungalow and had to pack and prepare for our day on the lake and then visiting the small Caribbean town of Livingston. After breakfast, we all piled into a little speedboat and set out for a lovely day on Lake Izabal. Cruising through mangroves and passing by colorful lake front beach shacks, it felt like paradise but also, as though I had left Guatemala and been transported to Jamaica. We arrived in Livingston, a sleepy little town with a super relaxed vibe and a really interesting history. It's located in Eastern Guatemala and sits at the mouth of the Rio Dulce at the Gulf of Honduras. It's well-known for its unusual mix of Garifuna, Afro-Caribbean. Maya and Ladino (mestizo) people and culture and several languages are ... read more

On Wednesday morning I woke up at 5:30 am in preparation for a 6 am pick-up at my Airbnb. I decided late Tuesday night to book a morning tour to hike Pacaya Volcano and am so glad I did! Surrounding Antigua there are 3 volcanoes--Fuego, Agua and Acatenango. Pacaya is an active volcano about an hour's drive outside of town and rises to an elevation of 2552 metres (8373 ft). It's last activity was in 2014. In my group there was a family of 4 (French Canadian), a couple and their good friend (from France), Fernanda (my friend from Costa Rica) and myself. Upon learning that I speak Spanish, Fernanda and I quickly became good friends and hiking buddies. She's traveling around Guatemala for a week with a co-worker that as she described it, "is older ... read more
Roasting marshmellows
Volcanic rock

After leaving Flores Jess and I stopped at en Eco lodge half way to Lake Izabal called Finca Ixobel. This is a beautiful little place nestled right in the countryside. We opted for a treehouse with gaps in the floorboards and no electricity, but it came with a lot of charm. The eco lodge has its own spring fed swimming hole too. This comes with a slightly surreal abandoned feel at first - there is a non working water slide and a bar that wasn't open as it's mid week low season. This lent a slight abandoned feel to the place. Once we'd assured ourselves we weren't on the set of a horror movie it was very tranquil there. The pool is surrounded by bamboo, trees and mountains. We even spotted two Koi carp swimming in ... read more
Our treehouse home
No weapons to be taken to the pool
Is this the Orwell bridge? I think we're lost

Dear All Greetings from the middle of the Guatemalan jungle! I am writing this one from the most amazing of eco-lodges, deep within the Guatemalan jungle, on the banks of the Rio Tatin, a small tributary which feeds into the larger Rio Dulce. It’s the Finca Tatin, and it’s just wonderful. I am currently lying on my bed, writing this, with a solar fan on as there’s only mains electricity here for a few hours every evening. I’m in a jungle hut, with insect-netted windows on all walls, surrounded by sounds of numerous types of cicadas and whirring insects – this morning I awoke to a cacophony of different bird noises – and this evening I just saw my very first fire-fly – wow, it’s a magical place! I believe I last wrote on a bus ... read more
Jungle Hike
Hurricane Earl Approaching

Dear All Greetings from a rather unusual place this time. I am writing this one from window seat number 41, on the “Litegua” bus service from Guatemala City to Rio Dulce. I’ve never written one from a bus seat before, but the plan was to write this one up when I’d arrived nice and early in Rio Dulce and upload onto my blog. However, the bus will be getting into Rio Dulce a little later than they’d told me in the travel agency where I booked the ticket – we arrive at 7pm, as opposed to 4pm as they’d said. Ah well, it does mean I get to spend part of the bus journey writing this up, which may make it go a bit quicker…! I plan to upload it onto my blog hopefully this evening, ... read more
Arco de Santa Catalina
View from Pacaya Volcan
Me, Pacaya Volcan

HE SAID... We woke early again, thanks to the overly enthusiastic rooster that had set himself off at 3am every morning since we had been in Antigua. We made our way out of the Antiguan valley at 5am in bright moonlight and descended into Guatemala City with a blood red sun rising over the sprawling city. We were meant to be travelling to Semuc Champey, but political unrest in that part of the country had made it unsafe for travel, so we were venturing instead to Rio Dulce, close to the Caribbean coast. We had a six hour drive ahead of us, so we had stocked up on provisions. As I stared out the window of our minibus, the settlements on the outskirts of Guatemala City were a stark reminder of the extent of poverty that ... read more
shrimp cerviche
tortugal hotel

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